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Alchemy Bicycles Review

Founded in 2008, Alchemy Bicycles have been around for 12 years already.

One of the reasons Alchemy bikes are not so widely known is because they focus on quality rather than quantity.

For that reason, we’ve decided to bring this US-based company closer to you and show you what they got. Enjoy!

alchemy bicycles homepage screenshot

In-house paint

Handmade USA Carbon

Handmade USA Titanium

The Story: What You Need To Know About Alchemy Bicycles

To build the best Bicycle in the world

As they say it themselves, it was their main mission when they started 10 years ago and is still their main motivation to keep going today. The biggest part of their production line is dedicated to full-suspension carbon and titanium mountain bikes, but they also make kick-ass road-, all-road-  and gravel bikes.

One of the proofs of their quality is the fact that they have won the ‘Best Carbon Construction’ award at the North American Handmade Bike Show multiple time, which is not an easy feat. Looks should not be overlooked either, which are not neglected by Alchemy. Their bikes have pretty unique paint jobs, so it’s easy to spot one outside even if you don’t see the logos.

However, Alchemy finishes their bicycles with pretty dizzying price tags. Are they worth breaking the bank? Let’s do an overview of all of their current models so you can answer that question for yourself. NB! All models can be customized and fitted with pricier or more affordable groupsets which will affect the price.

ten year Helios




1. Mountain bikes By Alchemy



A mullet mountain bike


People seem torn apart between favoring 29” or 27.5” bikes. There’s a simple solution—have both in one package? That’s exactly what NINE7FIVE is all about.

It has a 29” front wheel which can rampage over obstacles and a 27.5” rear wheel which ensures playfulness, speed, and responsiveness. This is a full-suspension carbon model with an SRAM GX Eagle groupset, so it won’t lag behind on the trails.

To whom: This bike is intended for serious enduro riders who want to have the capability of a 29er, but don’t want to sacrifice the playfulness of a 27.5” bike.

MSRP from $5,399 More Details


Arktos 29ST

Base models start from $4,899

The Arktos 29ST bike is another full-carbon full-suspension bike by Alchemy.

The ‘ST’ in its name stands for ‘Short Travel’ since this all-mountain bike has 140 mm of travel in the front and 120 mm in the back. Therefore, it adds more fun to the mix while not sacrificing almost any of the capabilities on the trails.

To whom: The Arktos 29ST is the ideal purchase for rides who want to be able to tackle Enduro World Series tracks, but make the ride even more fun. More Details


Arktos 29

MSRP Starts at $4,899

If you want to meet the big brother of Arktos 29ST, it’s time to meet Arktos 29. It offers everything its little brother has to offer, but with a twist (or should we say a bounce). This bike is built around an Alchemy carbon frame and provides you with 160 mm of travel in the front and 140 mm in the back.

With a combination like that and a regressive-progressive setup, there’s little this bike cannot overcome.

To whom: The Arktos 29 model is a must-have for riders who want to experience unparalleled downhill capabilities coupled with fantastic climbing traction. More Details


Arktos 27.5

MSRP Starts at $4,899

Do you enjoy becoming one with your bike and the trail beneath? They get a bike that will let you feel every twist, bend, and bump. Yes, we are talking about Arktos 27.5 with a 160 mm fork in the front and a 3-position shock in the back.

It’s the ideal combination of uncompromising power and addictive fun that you can get. There’s also a 10-year limited edition version available!

To whom: The Arktos 27.5 models are aimed towards riders who wish to descend and climb with the same might. More Details

Alchemy Ark Ti


MSRP Starts at $6,799

Alchemy Ark Ti is the creme de la creme of what this US brand has to offer. It’s a titanium hardtail model available with two builds Shimano XTR and SRAM Eagle X01. Alchemy itself calls it the ‘Swiss Army Knife of Bikes,’ as it’s able to switch between 29” and 27.5” setups and offer a completely different experience.

If you are looking for one of the most durable hardtail mountain bikes on the market – this might be it!

To whom: The Alchemy Ark Ti bike should be considered by those who want a versatile titanium hardtail bike that grabs both looks and bends. More Details





2. Road bikes by Alchemy

Apart from exquisite mountain bikes which are hard to beat on the trails, Alchemy also makes two road bike models. As is the case with all of their bikes, these are high-end two-wheelers you’d expect to see at the most prestigious competitions.

They’re called Atlas and Eros, the Greek gods of war and love and passion—quite befitting names


Alchemy Atlas


MSRP Starts at $6,499

In Greek mythology, Atlas is the name of the god of war. That is the perfect name for this bike as it will surely win lots of battles on the road. It has a full-carbon frame that weighs little and offers unprecedented stiffness when accelerating and hitting the bends.

The base model comes with a Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupset which should meet the demands of the pickiest riders.

To whom: The Alchemy Atlas model is built for all the competitive riders out there who are not afraid of battle but need the right weapon to win it. More Details

Alchemy Eros


MSRP Starts at $6.499

Again, the choice of the name for this bike could not be more perfect. It’s called Eros after the Greek god of love. That makes sense since falling in love with it is the only option you have. This bike is built around a high-quality durable titanium frame with a Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupset.

This is the sleekest of road bike designs available

To whom: Alchemy Eros is the logical choice for those who love the performance and lightness of titanium wrapped up in a good-looking package. More Details





3. All-Road bikes By Alchemy

Is it possible to have one bike that can do it all? Even though we believe that the ideal number of bikes is still n+1, we have to answer a definite ‘Yes!’ to the previous question. If you find that hard to believe, hold your horses until you see the Alchemy Hyas and Chiron bikes.


Alchemy Hyas


MSRP Starts at $6,499

Hyas is the Alchemy’s (successful) attempt of a do-it-all bike that will never let you down, no matter where you’re riding. It comes with 700 x 32 tubeless tires and a Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupset that can tackle gravel, mud, fire roads, and even high-speed mountain descents. It’s handcrafted in Denver, Colorado, and built around a bulletproof carbon frame.

Best for cyclocross races

To whom: If you like switching between dirt, gravel, asphalt, and mud frequently, but you only have money or space for one bike, the Alchemy Hyas is for you. More Details


Alchemy Chiron


MSRP Starts at $6,499

ChironDid you like what you read about the Hyas model? What if we tell you that you can get that and more with Chiron‘s futuristic titanium frame. Ride this bike on a cyclocross or a gravel competition or go for a wild ride in the mountains, it can pass any test you put it through

You choose the looks between natural titanium bling and a painted option.

To whom: If you’re a versatile rider and the world is your limit when it comes to choosing the terrain to ride on, Alchemy Chiron will be your best friend. More Details




4. Gravel bikes by Alchemy

Gravel is the new big thing in cycling! It’s incredibly fun to ride it, but you need the right tool for the job to get the most out of the experience. Alchemy has taken care of that part of the job by building their Ronin and Ronin Ti gravel models. Check them out!


Alchemy Ronin


MSRP Starts at $6,499

Also featured on Best Gravel Bikes

According to Alchemy, the Ronin model is a project that has taken 10 years to see the light of day. Therefore, you can find few (if any) flaws on this bike. It has an award-winning carbon frame that’s laterally stiff and vertically compliant, so it dampens vibrations but is stiff when you stomp the pedals. It’s fitted with 700 x 38 mm tires, but you can go as high as 45 mm wide.

To whom: Do you want to jump on the gravel bandwagon and see what all the hype is about? You won’t go wrong if you do it with the Alchemy Ronin bike—the samurai of gravel bikes. Read More


Ronin Ti


MSRP Starts at $6,499

The Ronin Ti’s only purpose is to give you unending joy on the gravel roads of your choice. Its base is one of the best titanium frames in the industry which can be fitted with either 700 x 45 mm or 650b x 2.1” tires.

It offers compliant geometry with increased tire clearance for unseen performance on the road.

To whom: If you want to go on all-day gravel adventures and know that you have a machine that can keep up, choose the Ronin Ti model. Read More




Build A Custom Alchemy Bike

Do you like what you see in the Alchemy product line but you think you could do even better? Go for it! Alchemy lets you build your own custom bike and make it fit your personal preferences. You can either customize each model by choosing the quality groupset you want it to have, or you can build a bike from scratch. Here are the customizations you can play with and the starting prices:


  • Framesets start at $4499
  • Custom Logo Colors start at $250
  • Custom Frame Color and Frame Tint starting at $750
  • Custom Paint Design starts at $1000

The customization is done simply using a fill out a form where you specify all of your choices and requirements.




Limited-Edition 10-Year-Anniversary Helios

If you want to splurge and pamper yourself a bit, you should check the 10-Year-Anniversary Helios model Alchemy has built especially for this occasion. This bike is the pinnacle of everything Alchemy represents and brings together everything they have learned about mechanics and design.

The base model costs $16,000 but with all additions tops at $21,500. An intimidating price for an intimidating bike! 

Depending on the amount of money you can spare, you can expect a 14K gold head badge (costs $3,000!), individually numbered frames, a power meter crank, Di2 shifting, a hand-painted frame, and a travel bag.


Alchemy Accessories And Apparel

Alchemy does not only make head-turning bikes but awesome accessories and apparel as well. Therefore, you can get the whole package on their website. The accessories are quite reasonably priced and include coffee, notebooks, water bottles, and looks. The apparel includes both ride and casual clothes, so you can choose something to wear both on and off your Alchemy bike. The apparel is reasonably priced as well, so it’s worth giving it a look.


Guaranteed Rewards: Alchemy Bicycles Trade-Up Program

Do you already have an Alchemy bike? Is it getting old and tired?

If that’s the case, you should consider Alchemy’s Guaranteed Rewards Program. If you have an Alchemy bike that is up to three years old, you can send it to Alchemy and get a discount for purchasing a new model.

For example, the trade-up values for an Arktos 29 X01 Eagle paid $6399 are as follows:

  • Year 1 Trade Up Value: $4,480
  • Year 2 Trade Up Value: $3,840
  • Year 3 Trade Up Value: $3,200


Final Thoughts: Should You Consider Alchemy Bicycles?

We don’t have much more to say about Alchemy bikes without repeating ourselves. We believe you should definitely consider buying one of the available models if it fits your pocket. They are pricey bikes, but the value for money you get with the purchase is rarely seen. If you have any questions about Alchemy bicycles or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below!

If you consider one, check the bikes on AlchemyBicycles.com



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