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Best Townie Bikes for Comfortable City Commuting

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - December 29, 2023   /  Electra, Reviews
Townie bikes at a sunset

A Townie bike is ideal for anyone who likes to use it for leisurely weekend or evening rides while also using it for urban commuting or running errands. (Image credit – REI.com)

A Townie bike is a delightful blend between a cruiser-style and city bike to make the ultimate comfortable commuter or utility bike.

The relaxed and comfort-optimized components of a cruiser bike are modified slightly towards the practical style of the city bike. In contrast, the cruiser adapts some of the city bikes attributes. These attributes include the fenders, kickstand, and mounts for a rear pannier rack if needed. In addition, the geometry is usually slightly more advanced.

What is a ‘townie bike’?

A Townie bicycle is:

  • Electra’s city/cruiser/commuter series (Electric & conventional)
  • A versatile comfort cruiser city bike
townie bike explanined

Essentially a mixture of a city and a cruiser bike

A Townie-Type Bike is Characterized by:

  • Cruiser-type frame
  • Large double-spring saddle
  • Upright & comfortable riding position
  • Gears
  • Custom bend / upright handlebar
  • Under $1,000

5 Best Townie Bikes of 2024

Schwinn Regioneer 26
Townie Path 9D
Schwinn Huron 3
SixThreeZero EveryJourney
Priority Turi

Schwinn Regioneer 26

schwinn regioneer townie bike

MSRP: Check on Amazon

Schwinn’s Regioneer 26 hybrid townie bike is an affordable entry-level city bike with a focus on durability and comfort.

To ensure smooth riding, Schwinn chose a sturdy steel alloy frame and rims that help to reduce road vibrations. In addition, the Regioneer has a front fork with suspension, 2.125-inch comfort tires, an upright riding position, and a plush vinyl saddle.

  • Steel frame, alloy wheels
  • 26″ tires
  • V-brakes

Full matching fenders, a chain guard, and linear-pull rim brakes keep this bike running reliably for mile after mile. Finally, a 7-speed drivetrain ensures you have plenty of gear options for riding around the city.

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Electra Townie Path 9D

electra townie bike path 9D

Nardo Grey – the same color code is used on many high-end performance cars

MSRP: $780

  • 27.5 x 2.4″ tires
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • 9-speed Shimano Alivio & Acera shifters
  • 6061-T6 aluminum frame
  • Weight: 32lbs

The Path 9D Step-Over Electra Townie bike is a no-frills, lightweight version from the popular Electra range.

This model has the patented Flat Foot Technology, allowing riders to keep a foot on the ground while sitting. In addition, you also maintain the perfect pedaling position.

electra townie step through

Step-through Townie

This technology, along with a comfortable, upright geometry, 2.4″ Kenda balloon tires with K-shield puncture protection, and a gel saddle and ergonomic grips, ensure the Townie 9D is one of the most comfortable city cruisers out there.

On the 9D Path, larger 27.5″ x 2.4″ tires offer improved traction and control and are further boosted by the powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. The other notable features of this bike include a 9-speed Shimano Alivio derailleur, platform pedals with grip tape, and compatibility with a front and rear rack.

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Schwinn Huron 3

schwinn huron bike

Available in 3 colors

MSRP: Check on Amazon

The Huron 3 by Schwinn is an affordable cruiser bike built for comfort and longevity.

This sleek retro-style design has a lot to offer. Starting with the steel frame, the Huron is guaranteed to last long and provide a comfortable ride by absorbing road vibrations.

  • One size fits riders 5’3 – 6’3″
  • Steel frame & fork
  • 26″ tires

To further boost comfort, this bike has a relaxed riding position, Schwinn padded cruiser seat that is soft and supportive, and ergonomic grips.

Other features of this bike include the rear coaster brake that requires backward peddling to stop, matching fenders to keep you dry in wet weather, and a chain guard to keep your clothes free from grease.

Finally, 2.1″ tires deliver stability and a smooth ride, while a 3-speed drivetrain offers plenty of gearing for your flat urban riders.

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SixThreeZero EveryJourney

sixthreezero townie bike

Available in 10 designs

SixThreeZero’s EVRYjourney is a Townie bike for sale at an affordable price with solid components and an elegant matt-black finish.

This Townie-style bike perfectly balances comfort and utility. It comes with ergonomic geometry, a forward pedal position, and is lower to the ground than usual. This design allows for an excellent pedaling stroke while also allowing you to get a foot down comfortably.

  • 1 / 3 / 7 / 21-speed
  • 26×2″
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Fits riders 5′ – 6’4″
  • EveryJourney Review

Other components that add to comfort include the 2″ tires that help absorb any road vibrations and offer great traction. In addition, the saddle is oversized and padded, while the grips are made from soft synthetic leather.

Finally, the EVRYjourney is sold with a rear pannier rack, fenders, and additional attachment points for baskets or a kids’ seat to optimize for city riding.

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Priority Turi

priority turi step through bike

MSRP: $999

  • 310% range internal gearing
  • Silent & rust-free Gates Carbon belt drivetrain
  • Hydraulic brakes

The Turi by Priority Bicycles is slightly more expensive than the competition but offers extra functionality than the other Townie bikes we’ve seen.

The standout system on this bike is the Gates Carbon belt drive and Infitinty Shifting Enviolo City CVT rear hub with a 310% gear range. That is because it is essentially maintenance-free, doesn’t require grease (so it is cleaner), runs silent, it’s ultra long-lasting, and is highly efficient. All of this at significant more utility to this bike as a commuter or city bike.

In addition, the Turi is also built for comfort. It has relaxed, upright geometry with a step-through top tube, a plush padded seat, and puncture-resistant comfort tires. Finally, the other great features include the dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, matching fenders, heavy-duty double kickstand, and a preinstalled bottle cage.

Buy from Priority Bicycles


It is clear from reviewing these products that there’s a lot to like about a well-made Townie-style bicycle. The main reasons for this are:

  • They are very comfortable to ride
  • You can use them to do many jobs like carrying groceries, going for a leisurely ride, or commuting to work
  • Generally highly compatible with various accessories like baskets and rear racks
  • They are affordable
  • Have a more comprehensive gearing range than a standard cruiser bike

Because of this, the bikes are ideal for a wide variety of riders, including urban commuters, older riders, those looking for a comfort bike that doesn’t sacrifice utility, or cyclists with a tight budget, And those with diverse riding styles including fitness, leisure, and transport.

If these characteristics and features sound good to you, be sure to check out those described above before you purchase your next bicycle.

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