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Best One-Bike Hitch-Mount Racks

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Bike Racks, Reviews

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While there are plenty of 2-bike hitch racks out there, there aren’t as many single-bike versions.

These products are lighter, more compact, cheaper, and easier to use than multi-bike carriers. A single-bike hitch rack is a valuable tool for those who want to travel with their bicycles and need a convenient solution for one bike.

The best products will have a broad compatibility with wheel sizes, frames, and bike weights, have plenty of security features, no frame contact, and the ability to tilt and fold.

We’ve listed some of the best ones available from well-established manufacturers like Thule and Yakima, as well as some lesser know, cheaper alternatives.

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ROCKYMOUNTS – Monorail Solo

rocky mounts bike rack for a single bike

MSRP: $320

Rockymounts’ MonoRail Solo is a premium quality single bike rack for cars with a hitch of either 1.25″ or 2″ (adaptor sleeve included). The MonoRail Solo is built for durability, sturdiness, and for being lightweight.

This 25lb rack can carry a bike up to 60lbs safely and securely thanks to locking and anti-sway features. The hitch locks securely using a locking pin. In addition, you have a cable lock and standard lock pods for further protection.

  • Max capacity – 60lbs
  • 1.25″ & 2″
  • Locking hitch pin
  • Folds flat
  • Tilts 30°

To prevent movement in transit, you have an anti-wobble bolt. Additionally, this product has been designed to avoid frame contact with your bike, making it perfect for carbon frames and eliminating paint scratches. Finally, this single bike rack also has a folding-up mechanism and a tilt-down feature so you can access your trunk.

Note: Not for use with fender-equipped bikes.

Buy from Jenson USA

Thule – T1

Best single bike rack


MSRP: $350

Thule’s T1 single bike hitch rack is the most expensive one we’ve seen. However, it comes guaranteed with all the quality and excellence offered by Thule products.

The T1 is highly versatile, fitting both 2″ and 1.25″ receivers, and comes with an STL2 bolt for locking the hitch. In addition, the rack secures the bike without touching the frame, making this model ideal for carbon fiber frames.

  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • 1.25″ / 2″
  • Not for use with front fenders

The attachment process is super-quick and involves using a ratcheting arm with a padded hook to secure the front wheel while the rear wheel is secured to the carrier with a locking strap.

Other great features of this Thule single bike tray hitch rack include the integrated cable lock, an oversized wheel tray that fits wheels 29″ x 5″, and the convenient HitchSwitch lever to fold the rack up when you’re not using it.

Buy from Jenson USA

Allen Sports – Premier Locking Tray Rack

allen sports bike rack

The Premium Allen single bike rack is an affordable option with good compatibility for the price and a lightweight design.

This rack is made with steel and aluminum and weighs just 25lbs. It can fit a wheelbase up to 48″, tire widths up to 3.5″, and wheel sizes between 26″ and 29″. Additionally, the max bike weight is 40lbs.

  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • 1.25″ / 2″
  • Wheels 26″ – 29″, 3.5″ wide
  • Folds & tilts

To secure your bike to this Allen Sports carrier, you have a front-wheel locking arm with a padded exterior and a ratcheting strap to secure the rear wheel on a sliding wheel tray. The receiver attaches with a secure locking mechanism that fits both 1.25″ and 2″ receivers with anti-sway properties.

Finally, you can tilt this rack down when attached or fold it up against the vehicle when you’re not using it.

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Thule – Helium Platform 1

Can be extended to 2 bikes

thule helium bike rack for 1 bike

MSRP: $320

The Thule Helium is a durable and versatile single bike rack stand for hitch receivers 1.25″ and 2″.

Thie Helium fits most bike frames without any contact. In addition, it is compatible with wheel sizes up to 3″ but unfortunately is limited to diameters between 26″ and 29″. The max weight for the bike is 60lbs.

  • 1.25″ & 2″
  • Weight capacity: 60lbs
  • Fold-flat
  • Tilts down 30 degrees
  • Weight: 25lbs

This single bike platform rack has excellent security mechanisms that are easy to use. You can quickly mount your bike with ratcheting wheel loops and an integrated cable lock. When you want to remove the bicycle, use the quick-release handle to remove the loops.

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To install the rack to the receiver, you have a tool-free system, including a SnugTite stinger and a lock. Finally, when you’re not using the rack, you can fold it down for compact storage.

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Rola – 59307 Convoy

rola bike rack for one bike

The Rola Convoy single bike rack is an affordable choice with plenty of quality and innovative features.

This bicycle carrier uses a highly versatile design that allows you to carry almost any bike up to 50lbs. This compatibility includes bikes with wheels 20″ to 29″ in diameter, 5″ fat-tire bikes, bikes with fenders, kids’ bikes, and wheelbases up to 48″. In addition, you can purchase an add-on for a second bike if needed.

  • 1.25″ receivers
  • Fits tires up to 5″
  • Weight: 53lbs
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Wheel size : 20″ – 29″ x 5″
  • Maximum wheelbase: 48″

The Convoy uses a ratcheting hook with pivoting arms to hold the bike without touching the frame. To mount the bike, lift the bike into the wheel trays, attach the extra-long rear strap, and hook the arm onto the front wheel.

The secure locking pin keeps your rack locked to the vehicle hitch while also allowing you to tilt the rack down to access your trunk. Additionally, you have a fold-up mechanism when it’s not in use. Finally, the anti-rattle threaded hitch essentially eliminates sway and hitch noise when you are driving.

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Yakima – Single Speed

yakima single speed one bike hitch rack

The Yakima Single Speed bike rack is the lightest hitch-mount option we’ve seen without sacrificing durability.

This innovative rack can fit almost any type of bike, including fat-tire bikes and full-suspension bikes. The max tire width supported is 4.8″ and wheel diameters between 20″ and 29″.

  • Weight: 21lbs
  • Fits 1.25″ & 2″ receivers
  • Fits 20″ – 29″ , 4.8″ width

In order to secure your bike, the Yakima single bike rack uses a StrongArm hook that holds the wheel, so your frame isn’t in contact with the rack. Once on the wheel cup, you will lock the hook in place and attach a strap to the rear wheel.

Finally, a locking SpeedKnob allows you to install this rack in under five minutes. In addition, there is an extra lock included for improved security.

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MKING – Hitch Mount Bike Rack

mking single bike rack for hitch mount

The MKING single floor bike rack is a cheap option for those who want to carry one or two bikes easily.

The heavy-duty yet straightforward design makes it easy to mount your bikes, just move the padded hook up or down to fit your frame. Once the hook is over the frame tightly, you lock the hook in place to secure the bike.

  • 2-bike hitch rack
  • Fits: 2″
  • Max weight: 80lbs (120lb max for 2 bikes)
  • Pounds: 30 lbs
  • Max tire width: 4″

This durable rack is made with steel with a powder coat finish to keep from rusting. It can support a bike up to 40lbs in weight. In addition, when you’re not using it, you can fold it up flat for more clearance in the rear of your vehicle or tilt it down to access the trunk.

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  1. pk says:

    which of these bike racks are compatible with fenders?

    1. Sam Millers says:

      Unfortunately, none of these are compatible with fenders. Most if not all of the tray-mounted hitch racks require wheel contact to support the bike. You should consider getting a hanging hitch-mounted rack or a rooftop rack if you have a bike with fenders.

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