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Best Fitness Bikes in 2024: Lose Weight and Get in Shape with Cycling

By Atticus Lee   /  Last updated - December 29, 2023   /  Best-Of-Reviews, Hybrid Bikes, Reviews
best fitness bikes

All-black Marin Fairfax 1

Biking is a great way to meet your fitness goals and improve your health overall. If you’re interested in a fun way to burn calories while also getting around town, a fitness bike is the perfect type of bicycle for you.

Imagine a cross between a sleek road bike and a more utilitarian urban bike, that’s a fitness bike (also known as a hybrid, flat-bar road bike or performance hybrid bike).

It has the classic advantages of a road bike; it’s fast, lightweight, and fun to ride. However, fitness bikes are also optimized for comfort and have a geometry that allows you to ride more easily in an upright position.

Fitness bikes are good for those who want to have a fun bike to get around town but don’t necessarily need the speed-oriented features of a road bike. They work really for commuters looking for a reliable bike that is fast and also easy to ride. They are also great for folks who want to exercise on a bike but don’t want to be hunched over as they ride.

What to Expect From a Fitness Bike?

Most usual components that fitness bike

  • Flat bar – A flat handlebar (as opposed to drop bars) gives you a more upright position for comfort.
  • 700c wheels – Road bike style wheels make for fast and fun riding on city streets.
  • Disc brakes – Modern brakes offer more control and precision, especially in wet conditions.
  • Wide gearing – Enough gear range to handle varied inclines as well as flats and descents.
  • A lightweight frame – A road bike style frame usually with a rigid fork, optimized for city riding.

Fitness vs Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are machines that simulate the experience of riding a bicycle from the comfort of your own home. Also known as “exercise bikes,” they can be used to get and stay fit. Included below are a few recommendations of good stationary bicycles for those looking to get a workout from home.

Best Hybrid Fitness Bikes for Men & Women

State Bicycle CO – 4130
Co-op Cycles – CTY 1.1
Diamondback – Divison

Cannondale – Treadwell EQ Remixte
Diamondback – Metric 1
Tomasso – La Forma

Cannondale – Quick Disc 3
Batch – The Fitness
Co-op Cycles – CTY 2.1 Step-Through

State Bicycle CO – 4130

State Bicycle CO 4130 All-Road - Flat Bar - Cupertino Pearl (650b / 700c)

MSRP: $900
State Bicycle CO

  • 4130 steel
  • 700x38c  / 650b x 2.1″
  • Mechanical disc brakes w/ 160mm rotors
  • 1×11 State derailleur (11-42t)

Buy from State Bicycle Co

Co-op Cycles – CTY 1.1

Best value fitness hybrid bike – Score 4.2/5 out of 150+ ratings

light green co-op fitness hybrid bike

Unisex frame

Price: $599

The CTY 1.1 is REI’s flagship fitness bike, equipped with all the right components to keep you going for years to come.

The aluminum frame has mounts for both racks and fenders and has the ability to run extra wide 700c tires for added vibration dampening. Small touches like a Selle Shadow Plus saddle and ergonomic handlebar grips make the CTY 1.1 stand out, both in terms of style and riding comfort.

REI offers free in-store tune-ups for a year after purchase, making it a great option for beginning commuters who want extra confidence on their way to the office.

  • Wheel size: 700c
  • Number of gears: 24
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Weight: 27.8 lbs

Buy from REI

Diamondback – Division 2

diamondback division fitness bike

MSRP: $925

The Division 2 Diamondback fitness bike is a smart option at an affordable price with guaranteed quality from this reputable brand.

This bike has a 9-speed drivetrain with a single front chainring to reduce maintenance needs yet offer plenty of gear options for hills.

A lightweight custom-formed aluminum frame, 27.5″ wheels, and City Sport geometry allow you to maneuver the Division 2 bike easily around the city streets.

To provide excellent stopping power in all conditions, Diamondback chose Tektro HD-T275 hydraulic disc brakes. In addition, you can rely on Vee Tire Co. Zilent 47mm tires for use on road and gravel with a balance of comfort and performance.

  • 6061 aluminum frame & fork
  • Tektro HD-T275 brakes
  • 9-speed Shimano Alivio
  • 27.5x47mm

Buy from REI

Cannondale – Treadwell EQ Remixte

Cannondale fitness hybrid bike – funky and reliable 

cannondale treadwell eq remixte

Price: $1,100

Cannondale is known for engineering its bikes in new and innovative ways.

The Treadwell doesn’t have any revolutionary components, but it is a new and interesting approach to hybrid bikes that ride superbly. Things like the BMX-style riser bars and a quilted saddle are both stylish and extra comfortable. It even comes with a WiFi-enabled sensor that can track your ride and tell you when tune-ups are in order.

With a thoughtful approach to design aesthetics, the Treadwell EQ Remixte from Cannondale is a winning bike that puts a big emphasis on both fun and durability with a fully-equipped setup. 

  • 27.5-inch wheels
  • 9-speed Shimano Altus
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • Weight: 30 lbs

Buy from REI

Diamondback- Metric 1

Nimble and lightweight fitness bike

diamondback metric 1

Price: $625

The Diamondback Metric 1 is an agile hybrid bike that can easily take on any urban riding you want. 

Diamondback decided to kit this bike out with a steel fork to improve comfort. Other parts of this bike have been optimized for performance, including the saddle and 35mm Vee Tire Co. Zilent tires.

The aluminum frame is lightweight and definitely inspires speed in its rider. For the drivetrain, you have a 3×8-speed Acera/Tourney setup, giving plenty of gear options for tackling hills.

  • Steel fork
  • Tektro rim brakes
  • 3×8-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • 700x35mm tires

Buy from REI

Tomasso – La Forma

One of the best value hybrid bikes on the market 

Black and white value fitness bike with 3x9 Shimano Acera groupset.

Price: $875
Tommaso Cycling

The Tomasso La Forma has a decent variety of features at a value price, making it a great pick for those who want a fitness bike without too much investment.

It comes with a 3×9 Shimano Acera groupset, providing a wide range of gears and durable shifting performance. This bike uses rim brakes, which are easier to work on at home, and also lighter than most disc brakes.

With a carbon fork, it feels a bit more like a road bike than many other hybrid bikes. The La Forma is made with classic style components that are time tested for strength and reliability. It’s a great value bike that’s built to last.

  • Weight: 25.1 lbs
  • 3×9 speeds
  • Tektro RX1 V-brakes
  • 700x32c Kenda tires

Buy from Tommaso Cycling

Cannondale – Quick Disc 3 Remixte

Best women’s fitness bike

cannondale quick disc 3 remixte

Price: $1,050

The Quick Disc 3 Remixte fitness bike by Cannondale is a female-specific fitness bike with comfort geometry with plenty of versatility.

It has an aluminum frame and carbon fork that ensure excellent responsivity and comfort. The drivetrain is a 2×9-speed Acera/Alivio. The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are an awesome feature, they add to the quality of the ride-feel, as well as provide extra insurance in situations where you need to stop quickly.

The Quick Disc 3 Remixte is one of the highest quality fitness bikes around the $1000 mark available today.

  • Carbon fork
  • 700x35c tires Schwalbe Puncture-resistant
  • 2×9-speed Shimano 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

Buy from REI 

Batch – The Fitness

Best fitness bike under $500

batch the fitness

Price: $375

The Fitness by Batch is an entry-level fitness bike with decent components expected at this price. 

The Fitness is equipped with an aluminum frame and steel fork for a comfortable and responsive feel. A 3×7 Shimano drivetrain keeps the bike capable in many different grades. The frame itself has tons of mounts for a rack and fenders for anyone who needs a new commuter companion.

The Fitness also comes with rim brakes, fast 35mm tires, and durable double-wall rims.

  • Aluminum frame
  • 700x35c tires
  • 7-speed Shimano drivetrain

Buy from Jenson USA

Co-op Cycles – CTY 2.1 Step-Through

Best step-thru fitness bike

co-op cycles cty 2.1

Price: $799

Are you bummed out that most fitness bikes don’t allow you to ride wearing a skirt or dress with ease? Do you find most step-through bikes to be too basic in terms of technical performance features?

The Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1 Step-Through is the bike for you. It has a low crossbar, but it also has a 63mm travel fork and hydraulic disc brakes. It comes with REI’s 1-year unlimited tune-up guarantee. For women wanting an extra capable step-through that can commute like a champion, the CTY 2.1 will have you back on the road and even through park trails.

  • Wheels: 700c
  • Number of gears: 18
  • Aluminum frame
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

Buy from REI

Best Fitness Bikes for Home

You might be looking for a stationary bike to maintain your fitness, after all, that is their main purpose. Indoor bikes are great for anyone living in a colder climate, where going outside to bike involves unpleasant precipitation and it can be very difficult to stay motivated. With a stationary bike, you can get a full session from home where you’re able to watch TV or listen to the radio.

Schwinn – 170 Upright Bike

One of the best Schwinn exercise bikes available 

Amazon exercise bike

A best-in-class home exercise bike, the Schwinn 170 is fully programmable stationary with a wide variety of functions to keep your workouts varied and interesting.

You can set calorie goals and connect to the most popular fitness apps available to track your progress. A USB port for charging phones and tablets makes it easy to watch Netflix during a ride, and the bike even comes with an audio jack and built-in speakers. You can turn the fan on mid-workout to cool off.

Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Guide

An exercise bike is perfect for those times you want to ride your bike but without the hassle of going ...

The Schwinn 170 is the Cadillac of stationary bikes, with an impressive list of features and exceptional quality.

  • Weight: 58.4 lbs
  • Dimensions L 41.3″ x W 21.4″ x H 55.6″
  • Telemetric heart rate sensors
  • DualTrack blue backlit LCD screen display with 29 workout programs

Buy on Amazon

YOSUDA – Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike YB001

Best budget stationary exercise bike

Yosuda indoor stationary exercise bike

Price: $338
Yosuda bikes

A more budget-friendly option, this YOSUDA stationary utilizes a simple yet effective design that allows for a range of intensities.

The 45-pound flywheel can be changed to different levels of resistance from an adjustable clamping mechanism. The belt drive makes this bike quiet enough to be used without alerting everyone at home. A simple LCD monitor displays your stats, and you can put your phone or tablet on the bracket below.

The YOSUDA sets the benchmark for a simple and effective stationary bike at an attractive price.

  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Bike dimensions LxWxH:L 44.5 x W 21.7x H 45.3″
  • Digital monitor and iPad holder
  • Transportation wheels
  • Adjustable resistance

Buy from Yosuda Bikes


What is the difference between a fitness bike and a hybrid bike?

In theory, fitness bikes are lighter while hybrids are more focused on comfort. In reality, the terms are often used interchangeably, and different brands market different bikes as either hybrid/fitness at their own discretion. We did cover the best comfort hybrids in a separate article, which you can read here.

Is a hybrid bike good for fitness?

Hybrid bikes are definitely a great way to stay in shape. Many people find cycling to be more enjoyable than going to a gym or running, and are therefore more motivated to do it on a regular basis.

Can you lose belly fat by riding a bike?

The short answer is yes. Aerobic exercise is the best way to burn off fat from around the belly and other areas of the body. Check out our guide on cycling nutrition to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts.

Does biking slim your legs?

In the long run, yes. There may be a period where your legs don’t appear much slimmer because you are building up the muscles underneath so it is getting bigger at the same time that it’s shrinking. Over time, your legs will appear more toned and slim.

Are 30 minutes on a stationary bike enough?

30 minutes of daily exercise is a great goal for weight loss or maintaining your fitness level. Over time, it is helpful to vary your exercise routines to activate different muscles. This can be as simple as switching up your route (or program if using a stationary bike).

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