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RadMini 4 Review – Folding Electric Bike by Rad Power Bikes

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - November 16, 2021   /  Electric Bikes, Folding Bikes, Reviews

Rad Power Bikes is North America’s largest electric bike manufacturer. They are recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the 100 most influential “Pioneer” companies in the USA, driving forward the growth of the e-bike market.

The brand prides itself on delivering exceptional price and quality, leading to thousands of happy customers and 17,000 positive reviews across their selection of e-bikes. The company’s overall mission is to design bikes that can do every job, sold at prices that everyone can afford.

In the RadMini 4, the company has created a bike that balances convenience, versatility, and power to create a “rugged space-saver” that is ready to accompany you on any adventure.

This folding fat tire electric bike is one of a kind in this price range.

It packs in a long list of useful features and components and a huge motor and battery combo onto a mini folding frame. This bike is optimized for commuters and urban riders, while also having what it takes to go off-road in comfort and style.

rad mini and rad mini step-through

RadMini is available in black color and RadMini Step-Thru is available in white.

MSRP $1,499

RadMini 4 / RadMini Step-Thru 2



Quick Specs

Fits Riders:
5’2″ – 6’2″ – RadMini
4’10” – 5’10” – RadMini Step-Thru

750W Direct Drive Hub Motor
80Nm Torque

672Wh Lithium-Ion Battery
48V, 14 Ah

Range: up to 45+ miles
max speed: 20mph

Mechanical Disc Brakes
180mm rotors

Max capacity: 275 lb

80mm travel
Coil suspension


Table of Contents

1. RadMini Review
1.1 Tech Specs
1.2 Electronics
1.3 Gearing and Braking
1.4 Frame and Geometry

2. Accessories

3. Lectric XP vs RadMini
*vs Engwe

4. Customer Feedback

5. Conclusion / FAQs + Full Specifications!


1. RadMini Review


The RadMini bike is perfectly suited to cyclists who, above all, value convenience and versatility.

The RadMini allows you to commute for long distances (up to 45 miles), and quickly store the e-bike in a securely folded unit when you reach your destination. Folding is especially helpful for anybody who needs to take additional public transport for their commute, store their bike in the office, or put it in the trunk for a weekend adventure.

Along with power and convenience, the RadMini has full fenders to keep you dry and clean from road/trail spray, a helpful LCD bike computer with controls, puncture-resistant tires, and integrated lights on the front and back. All of these components help to keep you safe and make your life easier day-to-day.

Additionally, Rad Power Bikes made this electric bicycle super comfortable to ride. They include fork suspension, shock-absorbent fat tires, upright geometry, and soft, ergonomic touchpoints.

Finally, the premium 750W motor and 14Ah battery combination, along with wide tires, and powerful disc brakes, means the RadMini performs well in almost any terrain or weather conditions. You will struggle to find a folding e-bike that beats the RadMini 4. It’s cheap (for an e-bike), portable, functional, and powerful enough for most e-bikes, experienced or not.

Woman standing next to lake with RadMini Step-Thru

Image source: RadPowerBikes.com

1.1 Tech Spec


RadMini is a Class 2 Electric Bike

The RadMini 4 is considered a Class 2 e-bike because it has a throttle and max speed of 20mph, meaning the motor stops when the speedometer reaches this speed.

There are two ways to operate this e-bike’s motor, by pedaling or the throttle, which works independently of the pedals. The throttle on this bike is a twist-grip, placed on the righthand side handlebar and rotating a half-turn toward the rider.

The pedal assistance mode has five different levels. When you turn it on, a magnetic cadence sensor detects how fast you’re pedaling and generates power to assist you.

Class 2 electric bike label

Every electric bicycle must have a label that indicates a motor wattage and maximum speed.

750W Bafang Geared Hub Motor

The RadMini has a high-power 750W brushless geared hub motor that drives from the rear of the bike, reaching the max speed of 20mph in only a few seconds.

Rear-drive motors are not as quite as powerful as mid-drive alternatives, however, they are significantly cheaper, reducing the sale price of the bike. That being said, this motor is powerful enough and is the lightest type of hub motor you can buy.

The term “brushless” means that it requires less maintenance, has a longer lifespan, makes less noise, and is more efficient than “brushed” motors.

Bafang 750W 48V hub motor

Image source: Bafang-e.com

Mileage 25 to 45 Miles

The RadMini 4’s battery is the same one they use across their selection of bikes. On this model, a single charge will give you a range of roughly 25 and 45 miles. This is with top speeds of 20mph using pedal assistance or throttle.

There are several variables that contribute to the total range you get from one charge. These include rider weight, the gradient of the route, how much you rely on the motor to move (throttle or pedal assistance level), the road/trail surface, and others.

For riders who want to ride extra distances, extra batteries and chargers are available to buy from the online store.

Payload Capacity: 275 lbs

The payload capacity is the total weight the bike can support safely and comfortably including the rider.

275lbs is a huge amount for such a small bike. This high capacity allows riders to comfortably load the RadMini with gear using front and/or back racks to carry their cargo without stressing the motor or components.


1.2 Electronics

48V, 14Ah Lithium NMC Battery

Rad Power Bikes use a 48V, 14 Ah Lithium-Ion battery in each of their bikes. In general, similarly priced e-bike competitors use batteries with smaller capacity, giving this bike a huge advantage.

Lasting up to an impressive 800 charge cycles this battery gives the RadMini a 45-mile range at power outputs of up to 20mph on a single charge. Additionally, it takes roughly 5 to 6 hours to charge from empty.

The battery weighs 7.7lbs making it one of the lightest batteries for the size (14Ah).

Rad Power Bikes removable battery

The whole Rad Power Bikes series (except RadMission) uses the same removable battery pack.

Backlit LCD

One great feature of this e-bike is the large LCD display panel with an adjustable backlight brightness. The screen has a USB connection allowing you to conveniently charge your electronics.

On the screen, riders can see their speed and toggle between max, average, or current speed by holding the up button. Other metrics include an odometer (total distance traveled), trip meter, and wattmeter.

The display also indicates battery level and current pedal assist mode (1 to 5). To control the lights, hold the up and mode button at the same time, or hold the down button to activate walk mode. Finally, hold up and down simultaneously to enter the settings.

radmini display

See all the features of the RadMini LCD display from the above video.

Integrated Lights

Another feature that stands out considering the price of this e-bike is the integrated LED headlight and taillight. These are “be seen” lights, bright enough to make you visible to other road users in urban areas.

Additionally, the rear light has a number of extra safety features. These include brake activation (when you brake, this light will activate), strobe mode for extra visibility, and automatically adjusts its brightness for the ambient light.

radmini integrated front light and rear light with brake light activation


1.3 Gearing and Braking

Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes

The RadMini 4 comes with Tektro mechanical disc brakes and 180mm disc brake rotors. Tektro is one of the most recognized manufacturers of disc brakes for their quality, reliable products.

Although mechanic disc brakes are not as powerful as hydraulic brakes, they do offer the advantage of being easy to fix and maintain without the need for a bike mechanic.

Additionally, in order to improve the power of the brakes, Rad Power chose large 180mm rotors, which reduce stopping time. This is helpful when riders are traveling at the top speed of 20mph or when the bike is loaded to the payload capacity of 275lbs.

1×7-Speed Shimano Altus

RadMini Electric Fat Bike Version 4 key feature 2

To give riders more enough gearing options for climbing hills or when they reach top speed, Rad Power has chosen a 1×7-speed drivetrain. This means that riders can maintain a consistent cadence (pedaling RPM) on descents and climbs, instead of relying solely on the power of the motor.

Shimano Altus is a reliable and well-respected mid-tier groupset that is easy to repair or replace in the case of damage or wear. Also, as this drivetrain only includes one front plate, there is just a rear derailleur which cuts down on maintenance and repairs.


1.4 Frame and Geometry

  • Aluminum frame (6061)
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Spring fork suspension, 80mm travel
  • Weight: 69 lbs
  • Payload capacity: 275 lbs

Wheels and Tires

CST Big Boat 20" x 3" tires for RadMini

Puncture-resistant CST tires

Rad Power Bikes puts a lot of thought into their choice of tires for each bike. The RadMini uses CST Big Boat 20″ x 3″ tires with a puncture-resistant liner.

These fat tires give riders exceptional control and stability over a variety of soft and rough terrains, with the comfort of added protection from sharp debris on the road or trail.

Additionally, this bike has double-wall rims for extra strength, making this tire and rim combination highly durable and long-lasting.

Fat Tire PROs

  • Shock-absorbent
  • Smooth ride
  • Better cornering confidence
  • Safer on wet roads/trails

Fat Tire CONs

  • More traction = decreased speed
  • Heavier

Easily Foldable

Man holding folded RadMini and lifting it in the car

RadMini is one of the best folding electric bikes that you can easily transport with your car.

The RadMini’s main feature is its ability to fold, creating a small package that can be transported or stored easily.

This ability to fold makes it convenient to take the bike in your car, on public transport, or store it at home or in the office. For this reason, urban cyclists and commuters are the ideal riders for the RadMini 4.

The bike can be folded in just a few seconds and has a derailleur guard to keep it protected once folded. The RadMini is very secure and solid when folded because of the hinge locking mechanisms that that keep them from opening up during transport or storage.


2. RadMini Accessories


Woman riding RadMini Step-Thru on dirt road with front rack and pannier bags installed on the bike

Rad Power Bikes offer a huge variety of accessories conveniently from their online store. This allows riders to completely personalize their e-bike for a specific purpose such as commuting with cargo or bike touring. In the store there are 35 compatible accessories to choose from in nine different categories:

  • Fenders
  • Locks
  • On-Bike Storage
  • Passenger Comfort
  • Pet
  • Rear Racks
  • Rider Comfort
  • Safety
  • Upgrades

Let’s take a look at some of the accessories more closely.

Rad Mirror

Boost the safety of your bike with an easy-install clamp-on rearview mirror. This mirror is designed for left-side mounting but can also be used on the right side. Additionally, be aware that objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear.

RadMini Rear Rack

Turn your e-bike into the ultimate commuter machine with a RadMini Rear Rack. This allows riders to carry gear (up to 55lbs) to use pannier bags to replace your backpack. The pannier rack is also compatible with other accessories including the large or small basket and the large platform.

The rear rack comes with all the hardware required for mounting it and a brake light extension cable for mounting the integrated brake light onto it.

Front Rack

radmini front rack

Rad Power’s Front Rack is perfect for carrying any cargo out front. It weighs just under 3lbs and can hold up to 30lbs. It mounts conveniently to the frame with a flat mounting point and is compatible with other cargo carrying accessories.

This rack is highly stable and doesn’t move when you turn the handlebars. It is almost 12 inches long.

Small Basket

For those with extra carrying needs, the small basket would be a lightweight and compact addition to your RadMini 4. It’s suitable for carrying things such as groceries, small bags, or work equipment. The basket weighs 2.4lbs and requires a front or rear rack to be used.

Basket Bag – Small

The reflective Small Basket Bag is the perfect accessory to combine with the small basket described above. It’s made from a waterproof ripstop outer shell and will keep the contents clean and dry on the road. The bag also has an internal pocket to make your essentials easy to reach.

The bag has four mounting straps which keep the bag firmly in place while riding over rough terrain. Finally, note that the purchase of a small basket and rack is required separately.

Hyban Helmet 2.0

The Abus Hyban helmet is an excellent helmet for urban riders, featuring a breathable, robust shell with a bright integrated rear light and reflectors to keep visible and safe on busy city roads.

Other features of this helmet include ponytail compatibility and fully adjustable sizing for a custom fitting and comfortable feel. This helmet comes in two sizes, medium and large.

people riding with radmini with Hyban Helmet on


More RadMini Accessories


3. Lectric XP vs RadMini


lectric xp vs radmini

Main differences between RadMini and Lectric XP 2.0

Choosing between these two e-bikes is a difficult task. While the RadMini has slightly better components, the Lectric XP 2.0 is cheaper ($400) and folds up more compact, making it hard to justify the price difference for many people.

However, the notable difference between these bikes is the power of the motor and battery. The RadMini 4 has a 750W motor and a 14Ah battery, which will produce far more power for longer rides than the 500W motor and 9.6Ah battery on the Lectric.

Additionally, Shimano Altus is slightly superior to Tourney, and the 180mm rotor on the RadMini’s disc brakes adds a little more stopping power. All that said, these differences are relatively slight, and should be weighed up against the price savings by each person.

We think that the RadMini would be best for somebody who wants a little more power for longer rides or commutes whereas if your rides are shorter with less intense gradients, then the Lectric XP may be more than sufficient.

RadMini 4 Lectric XP 2.0
Weight 67 lbs 63 lbs
Payload Capacity 275 lbs 330 lbs
Folded Dimensions 41″ x 22″ x 28″ 37″ x 18″ x 27″
Fork Spring suspension, 80mm Oil suspension
Motor 750W 500W
Torque 80Nm 60Nm
Battery 48V, 14Ah (672Wh) 48V, 9.6Ah (460Wh)
Range up to 45mi up to 45mi
Brakes Tektro 180mm mechanical disc Tektro 160mm mechanical disc
Gearing 1×7-speed Shimano Altus 1×7-speed Shimano Tourney
Tires 3″ x 20″ CST 3″ x 20″ CST
MSRP $1,499 $1,099

RadMini vs RadMini Step-Thru Geometry Differences

Each of the RadMini e-bikes can be adjusted to fit a wide range of rider heights. The Step-Thru 2 is slightly better suited to smaller riders or those who want the added comfort and convenience of a step-through top tube.

Although both bikes are very similar in size when folded, the RadMini 4 folds slightly more compact because of the shorter handlebar reach.

RadMini 4 RadMini Step-Thru 2
Recommended Rider Heights 5’2″ – 6’2″ 4’10 – 5’10”
Frame Size 16″ 14″
Handlebar Reach 14″ 16″
Seat Height (from the bottom of the pedal stroke) 26″ – 35″ 24″ – 31″
Bike Length 68″ 68″
Handlebar Width 26″ 26″
Max Tire Width 4″ 4.25″
Folded Dimensions (LxWxH) 41″ x 22″ x 28″ 42″ x 23″ x 30″
engwe 2 pro

Read also – RadMini vs Lectric vs Engwe


4. Customer Feedback


Score: 4.7 / 5 out of 685+ reviews

Rad Power Bikes RadMini Reviews

“Makes me feel like a kid again.”

“Exceeds the miles I expected from the battery.”

“Great experience all around. Love the bike!”

“Love the bike! Had some problems upon delivery but support made it alright.”

Man standing over RadMini

Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru Reviews

“With two bad knees, long walks and hiking are difficult. I’m loving my RadMini ST2!”

“This bike is a complete joy.”

“The bike arrived in perfect condition. Assembly was a breeze.”

“I am 5’4″ and I fit just right on my bike.”

Score: 4.8 / 5 out of 797+ reviews

Read All Reviews


5. Conclusion – Is the RadMini Worth Buying?


In the RadMini 4, Rad Power Bikes has created an exceptional value folding electric bike. This e-bike is perfect for anyone who wants comfort, convenience, and versatility rolled into one.

You can ride this e-bike on almost any kind of ride on any terrain. It’s conveniently compatible with numerous accessories for optimizing its functionality, and when you’re done riding, you can transport it or store it in a neat and secure folded package.

All things considered, we believe the RadMini is an excellent choice for anybody in the market for a folding electric bicycle. There aren’t many areas where this bike doesn’t perform and Rad Power offers excellent customer support to back it up.

The e-bike market is very competitive, with most costing several thousands of dollars, so at only $1,499, this budget-friendly e-bike well worth the investment.

Get Radmini 4 / Get RadMini Step-Thru 2



RadMini 4 & RadMini 2 Step-Thru Full Specs

Brand Rad Power Bikes
Model RadMini 4, RadMini Step-Through 2
Type Electric, Folding, Commuter, Electric Mini Bike, 20″ Electric Bike
Model Year 2021
Price (USD) 1,499
Designed For Urban, City, Commuting, Traveling
Frame Types Step-over, Step-through
Frame Sizes Standard (16″) – 5’4″ – 6’2″ / Step-thru (14″) – 4’10” – 5’10”
Folded Size Standard: 41″ x 22″ x 28″ / Step-thru: 42″ x 23″ x 30″
Wheel Size 20″
E-Bike Class Class 2
Max Speed 20mph
Range (mi) Up to 45+
Motor 750W brushless geared hub
Motor Type Hub motor
Battery 48V 14h, 672Wh Samsung 35E (Rated for 800 charge cycles)
Controller 48V, 750W
Charger 48V 2A, 100V-240V
USB Ports 5V, 1Amp display
Throttle Half twist throttle
Display Backlit LCD – Charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, pedal-assist level, wattmeter, etc
Modes 5 Pedal-assist with 12 magnet cadence sensors
Derailleur 7-speed Shimano Altus
Wiring Water resistant connectors and wiring harness
Frame Material 6061 aluminum
Front Suspension 80mm, lockout & preload
Rear Suspension
Brakes Tektro Mechanical
Rotors (mm) 180mm
Tires 20″ x 3″ CST Big Boat
Max tire width 4″
Saddle Comfort saddle with elastomer bumper
Grips Ergonomic leather imitation
Weight RadMini Step-Thru 2 69 lb / RadMini 4 – 67 lb
Max weight (lbs) 275
Warranty 14 Day Free Trial / 1-Year Warranty






How fast does the RadMini go?

With either throttle or pedal-assist, the top speed of RadMini is limited 20mph.

How heavy is the RadMini?

RadMini 4 weighs about 67 lbs. RadMini Step-Through 2 weighs about 69 lbs.

What class is the RadMini?

RadMini is a class 2 electric bike.

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