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Orbea MX50 review

Orbea MX50 colors

The popular Spanish bike company has sent another trail bike our way that is intended to be fun, strong, and versatile. The Orbea MX50 is a relatively cheap but a good-looking bike that is definitely difficult to resist riding.

With an aluminum frame and front suspension, it comes in a little bit heavy at 33 lbs, but this is the medium weight for this class and this price range. It is rolling on 27.5 wheels which are the most popular choice for mountain biking.

If you are really reluctant to buy an expensive bike and you do not see value in it for yourself, the Orbea MX50 will be more than enough to satiate your recreational and fitness cycling desires.

Orbea MX50 Key Specifications

Bike Spec listAs you’re just about to see, the Orbea MX50 comes with Shimano components across the board, as well as a Suntour fork with a preload option that should absorb most of the road imperfections for a smooth ride.

Number of Gears24
Wheels29 inch
SuspensionFront Suspension w/preload, 100mm travel
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes
Quality ClassesShimano Altus

Orbea MX50 Main Features

The best bike that you can get is the one that you will ride the most. The Orbea MX50 guarantees that with some great features that you get. It has also evolved from the models of previous years, so in 2018 it comes with some great improvements in terms of features and components.


The frame that the Orbea MX50 is built on is sturdy but at the same time lightweight. It’s an aluminum frame built from smart tubing where the excess material has been shaved off to reduce weight but maintain overall strength. The frame is only optimized for disc brakes, so you will not be able to fit it with rim brakes if you ever intend to.

We love the geometry of this bike because it looks attractive and aggressive but at the same time, it is a very good platform to just go out and enjoy a very comfortable ride. The Orbea MX50 places the rider in a stable condition even on rough terrains and more challenging off-road rides.


The Orbea MX50 is equipped with a suspended front fork made by SR Suntour. It’s an XCT HLO model, with a coil spring, and 100mm of travel. Unfortunately, the fork does not come with a lockout function, but it does have the preload feature. This means you’ll have some adjustability and you’ll be able to set the fork to be more or less responsive to different amounts of pressure.

This suspension kit will be more than enough to plow through any road vibrations, so your wrists, arms, and shoulders will just love it.

Drivetrain and Gearing

When you put some power through the pedals of your Orbea MX50, the power transfer will be completed by a complete-Shimano drivetrain. The crankset is a combination of 24/34/42 teeth, while the cassette has a range of 12-32T. This the gearing really easy and suitable for riding over gravel, rough terrain, or steep uphill. However, there are enough gears to go fast on the flats as well.

There are 24 gears that you can choose from with a 3×8 combo. The shifting is done by Shimano Altus rear and front derailleurs which are an upgrade from the previous model. Previously, Orbea MX50 came with Tourney derailleurs. The shifters are Shimano M310, which are pretty durable and precise.

Tires and Brakes

Speeds are not the only thing that is important when you want to go fast or to have a comfortable ride. The tires and brakes are important as well.

The tires on the Orbea MX50 are Kenda’s K1153, with a 27.5” diameter, which is the most popular nowadays for trail bikes, and a 2.35” tire width. The tires are pretty knobby; however, the knobs are not very deep. Therefore, they might not have much traction on muddy and wet terrain, but they will offer more than enough grip on gravel and dusty roads.

The brakes are the best part of the Orbea MX50. They are Shimano’s hydraulic disc brakes so you will be able to stop whenever necessary, in whatever conditions, dry or wet. Hydraulic disc brakes are not very common on trail bikes of this price range, so it is a big surprise and a big plus for the Orbea.

MX50 comes in four different colors

Saddle and Other Features

The saddle on which the Orbea MX50 will accommodate you is not out of the ordinary. It is a Selle Royal 2073 with a nice rounded profile and lots of padding. If you use the bike for commuting, it will feel really comfortable. Moreover, if you ride it a lot on rough terrain, it will absorb a big portion of road vibrations.

The Orbea MX50 does not come with any accessories, but it does have rear rack mounts ready. So, if you wish to take out on a longer multi-day ride, you will be able to easily do so. Also, you can just fit some bike panniers and do some grocery shopping. It’s a can-do-all bicycle.

Orbea MX50 Considerations

Orbea MX50 ConsiderationsTo put it shortly, the Orbea MX50 is a very good bike for a very good price. If you buy it, you will have to pay around $600 for the 2018 model, but for that price, you get a lot of improvements compared to the previous models.

The Orbea MX50 is an affordable and reliable bike but also one of the most fun trail bikes that you can ride.

At this price, it is relatively light, but you can easily shave off some weight with different components if weight is an issue for you. However, taking into consideration what this bike is intended to do, and that is to take you from one place to another and make sure that you have plenty of fun in the meantime, the weight is not a problem in the least.

Moreover, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are not really standard equipment on many $600 trail bikes, so it is something that goes to Orbea MX50’s advantage. If there are lots of muddy trails and the weather is often wet in your area, you will be happy to have them.

All in all, this is a recreational bicycle that you will be able to take places that you have not tackled before. On top of that, you will not spend a crazy amount of money, so the Orbea MX50 is a bike that you should at least shortlist if not outright buy.


Points of improvement for Orbea MX50What we like about Orbea MX50
No lockout functionHydraulic disc brakes & 29″ wheels
Decent components
Great price-value ratio


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