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Husqvarna Bicycles Review

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - December 4, 2023

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Electric Husqvarna bikes are relatively new, arriving in 2018. The company has since made a strong statement of intent, only developing electric MTBs at the mid to high-end of the e-bike market.

As a company, Husqvarna has been around for over a century. They previously manufactured bicycles and motorcycles before eventually stopping in the late 20th century. This prior experience makes it seem like a logical move to enter the flourishing e-bike industry.

Now, using some of the most advanced electronics available from Shimano and well-respected components from the major manufacturers, they have released some competitive e-bike options.

The company’s mission for its e-bike business is to move the e-mobility industry forward. This process begins with bicycles and using lessons learned from being one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers, so we’re excited to see where they go next!

Husqvarna Electric Mountain Bikes Range


27.5″ – 180mm/180mm

Hard Cross 7 – MSRP $5,299
Hard Cross 9 – MSRP $6,999


Mullet e-MTB – 29″ & 27.5″ – 150mm/150mm

Mountain Cross 7 – MSRP $4,399
Mountain Cross 5  MSRP $5,999


27.5″ – 200mm/200mm

Extreme Cross 9 – MSRP $5,399
Extreme Cross 10 – MSRP $6,999

Kids’ eMTB

Light Cross JR 24 – MSRP $n/a

Husqvarna’s Enduro Electric Mountain Bikes

Husqvarna – Hard Cross 7 2021

husqvarna ebike

The Hard Cross 7 Husqvarna electric mountain bike is an electric Enduro option and the basic model between the two enduro bikes from Husqvarna.

This bike’s purpose is to provide you with the confidence to tackle anything on the mountain. The Hard Cross 7 has high-travel, reliable 180mm RockShox suspension with a Full Active 4-Link system that optimizes the efficiency of the suspension system.

For brakes, you have a powerful SRAM G2 hydraulic disc setup that provides ample stopping power while descending at speed. In addition, large 2.6″ Maxxis Minion DHR tires ensure a high degree of traction, while smaller 27.5″ wheels maximize agility.

The electronics chosen are the best on the market. These include a high-torque 250W/85Nm mid-drive motor that delivers unbeatable power transfer and a large 630Wh battery backed up by an SRAM Eagle SX 12-speed groupset.

Although the groupset’s importance is minimized by the top-quality electronics, we feel the choice of SRAM’s budget SX setup is disappointing for this price range.

All of these components ensure this bike rides smoothly downhill while giving you the ability to tear to the top of your favorite trails all day.


  • Motor – 250W Shimano EP8, DU-EP8 85Nm torque
  • Frame – 6061 Alloy
  • Fork – 180mm, RockShox ZEB Select, Charger RC Tapered
  • Shock – 180mm, RockShox Super Deluxe Select+, Trunnion
  • Brakes – SRAM G2 4-piston
  • Wheels – 27.5″
  • Tires – 2.6″ Maxxis Minion DHR II, Exo Protection
  • Max weight capacity – 285lbs
  • Bike weight – approx. 56lbs

Husqvarna Hard Cross 9

husqvarna hard cross 5

Fork – 180mm, Fox Float 38 Factory, Grip 2
Shock – 180mm, Fox Float X2 Factory, Trunnion
Brakes – Shimano Deore XT, BR-M8120, 4-piston

The Hard Cross 9 is the premium alternative to the 7. On this enduro bike, Husqvarna has upgraded various components, which results in a more rounded ride feel.

Most notably, you have Fox Float Factory 38/X2 suspension on the front and back, which is smoother and responsive than RockShox. In addition, the brakes set is switched to Shimano XT discs which marginally improves on the SRAM setup.

Another notable upgrade is the Maxxis Minion DHF tires, which provide superior traction and performance to the DHR models. The last thing worth remarking on is the Kind Shock e20i dropper post upgrade from Husqvarna’s post.

Husqvarna’s own in-house components include – handlebar, stem, grips, seat post, saddle, pedals

Husqvarna All-Mountain Electric Mountain Bikes

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 5

Mullet electric mountain bike – 29″ & 27.5″

husqvarna mountain cross 7

The all-mountain Mountain Cross 5 e-bike is the cheapest Husqvarna mountain bike for adults. However, it doesn’t sacrifice quality and performs above its price tag.

The main detractor from the Mountain Cross series is that they don’t offer a big enough advantage over the Hard Cross in cross-country riding as the powerful electronics make up for most of the XC performance loss on the Hard Country. For this reason, we think that Husqvarna should go with a 120/130mm travel design in future iterations.

This Husqvarna e-Bike has the same high-quality electronics as the other models, including a Shimano EP8 250W/85Nm mid-drive motor that gives you the ability to tackle the steepest hills you can find. Alongside it, you have a 630Wh battery that provides huge ranges when used with the Shimano Deore drivetrain.

For suspension, you have a RockShox 150mm system which provides just enough travel so that you can descend challenging trails without sacrificing too much climbing ability. Both Mountain Cross models use a mixed wheelset with 29″ front and 27.5″ in the rear. In addition, the rear tire has an extra 0.25″. This imbalance gives you the best of both worlds by improving rollover ability and speed with the larger wheel while maintaining agility with the smaller wheel in the back.

Finally, Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance tires and Shimano BR 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes ensure high traction and control on varied terrain and in poor weather conditions.


  • Motor – Shimano EP8, DU-EP8 250W mid-drive, 85Nm
  • Frame – 6061 alloy
  • Fork – 150mm, RockShox 35 Gold RL Debonair, Tapered
  • Rear Shock – 150mm, RockShox Deluxe Select+, Trunnion
  • Brakes – Shimano BR-MT420, 4-Piston
  • Wheels – 29″ front and 27.5″ rear
  • Tires Front – 29×2.35″ Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance / Rear – 27.5×2.6″ Schwalbe Knobby Nic Performance

Husqvarna’s own in-house components include – handlebars, stem, grips, seat post, saddle, pedals

  • Max weight capacity – 285 lbs
  • Bike weight – approx. 55 lbs

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 7

Mullet e-MTB

husqvarna mountain cross 7 ebike

Motor – Shimano EP8, DU-EP800-L
Fork – 150mm, Fox Float 36 Factory E-Bike+, Grip 2, 150mm, Tapered
Shock – 150mm, Fox Float DPS Factory, Trunnion
Wheels – DT Swiss H 1900

The improved Mountain Cross 7 Husqvarna mountain bike has predictable upgrades based on the differences between the other models.

This e-bike has higher-end Fox Float Factory suspension, which is easy to feel when the bike is underneath you going downhill. Additionally, Maxxis Rekon Exo+ ProTection tires replace the Schwalbe models on the Cross 5, significantly boosting traction and durability.

Other notable changes include replacing the Ryde Disc35 rims with DT Swiss H 1900s. Finally, the drivetrain moves to a 12-speed version of Shimano Deore, a slightly improved gearing setup.

Husqvarna’s Electric Downhill Mountain Bikes

Husqvarna Extreme Cross 9

husqvarna downhill electric mountain bike

The Extreme Cross 9 Husqvarna downhill e-bike delivers gives riders the ability to flow downhill on black diamond trails, turn around, and glide back to the top to do it all over again.

Flow up, flow down. Repeat

High 200mm Suntour travel delivers predictably smooth performance on challenging routes. The Full Active 4-Link suspension integration boosts this. For tires, you have a high-end Maxxis Minion DHF 2.6″ on the front with a DHR on the back to ensure excellent traction. In addition, 27.5″ wheels make the Extreme Cross super agile in tight spaces.

For electronics, you have Shimano’s 250W/85Nm EP8 mid-drive motor, which makes climbing steep hills feel effortless, while the large Simplo 630Wh battery ensures you can spend the whole day on the trail on a single charge. To get the most out of your battery, utilize the Shimano Deore 11-speed drivetrain.

Finally, Shimano 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power at high speeds and in wet weather.


  • Motor – 250W Shimano EP8, DU-EP8
  • Controller – SW-E7000-L
  • Frame – 6061 Alloy
  • Fork – 200mm, SR Suntour RUX38 PCS, tapered
  • Rear shock – 200mm, SR Suntour Triair 3CR, Trunnion
  • Brakes – Shimano Deore, BR-M6120 hydraulic, 4-piston
  • Dropper post – Husqvarna 31.6
  • Tires – 27.5×2.6 Maxxis Minion DHF, Maxxis Minion DHF II – Tubeless, Exo Protection

Extreme Cross 10

Fork – Fox Float 40 Factory
Rear Shock – Fox DHX2 Factory
Brakes – Shimano Saint, BR-M820, 4-piston
Seat Post – Kind Shock E20i

Husqvarna’s own in-house components include – handlebar, stem, grips, seat post, saddle, pedals

Husqvarna Kids’ Electric Mountain Bikes

Husqvarna – Light Cross JR

husqvarna kids electric mountain bike

The Light Cross JR is a Husqvarna electric dirt bike for children with tons of quality that’ll let your child take their riding to the next level.

This bike gives kids the ability to do a massive amount of riding in a single day without fatiguing, allowing them to improve at a much faster rate and enjoy mountain biking more.

A Shimano STePS 250W/40Nm motor delivers plenty of punch on the climbs, while a Shimano 418Wh battery will last for many hours of riding. In addition, there is a Shimano Altus 9-speed drivetrain to help maximize the battery’s range.

Considering Husqvarna built their JR model with a carbon fiber frame, this leaves us a little disappointed that the $7,000 models have aluminum frames.

Finally, the components which allow this bike to perform well on the trails include the 80mm Suntour child-optimized fork, high-traction Maxxis Rekon 2.2″ tires, powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and a Husqvarna bicycles dropper post.

Frame – Carbon
Fork – 80mm, SR Suntour XCT-JR, Coil
Tires – 24×2.2″
Brakes – Tektro HD-M275
Motor – Shimano STePS DU-E5000 250W – 40Nm

Bike Weight – 44 lbs
Max Weight Capacity – 220 lbs

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