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Are Huffy Bikes Any Good? Insights into Durability, Design, and Model Range

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - January 10, 2024

blue huffy electric bike

Huffy is one of the oldest names in cycling. Today, the brand is known for producing a wide range of low-cost bikes sold by major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. But are Huffy bikes any good? Well, it depends on your needs.

Huffy’s bikes are all entry-level, aimed at riders who ride recreationally and who want a no-frills recreation bike to get them from A to B in relative comfort. If this sounds like you and you’ve got a tight budget, a Huffy bike is worth considering.

On the other hand, if you want a reliable bike for daily commuting, one for off-roading, or a performance machine for group rides, you should probably look elsewhere.

Keep reading to learn more about the brand and its range so you can decide if a Huffy bike is right for you.

A Short History of Huffy Bikes

family riding huffy bikes in a park

Huffy began manufacturing bikes in 1892 under the name ‘Dayton,’ a sub-brand of Davis Sewing Machine Company, owned by George Huffman.

Huffman’s son, Horace Huffman Sr., took over from his father and continued manufacturing bicycles under the Dayton brand until 1949 when the name “Huffy” first appeared on a children’s bike with training wheels. By 1953, all bikes produced by the company bore the Huffy name and logo.

Though a major player in the US cycling industry and bike manufacturing throughout the latter 20th century, the company struggled to sustain its successes.

Huffy declared bankruptcy in 2004 and passed its assets to Chinese creditors, where all manufacturing is done today. However, the company still has a headquarters in Dayton, Ohio.

Huffy offers an extensive selection of entry-level models in categories including Comfort/Cruiser, Mountain, BMX, Electric, and Kids’. They continue to sell bikes online at Huffy.com, through Amazon, and at major department stores like Walmart.

Are Huffy Bikes Worth Buying?

family on a bike trip in the forest riding huffy bicycles

Cycling can be an exclusive activity, with the cost of a new bike being prohibitive to many people. Most of the best bike brands don’t offer bikes below $500. Thankfully, brands like Huffy exist to make cycling accessible to those with lower budgets.

Huffy bikes are among the most affordable you’ll find, with their men’s models starting from as little as $140 and Huffy bikes for women starting at $115.

At these prices, the components are basic, and the bikes—meant for light use—have minimal features. However, If you’re a beginner or recreational rider with a limited budget, a Huffy bike is more than enough to get you on the road.

You won’t find a performance-focused road bike or gravity-capable mountain bike, but their range covers most riding styles in the low-cost segment.


Pros and Cons of Huffy Bikes


  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Wide range of styles available
  • Excellent frame warranties: lifetime for steel, ten years for aluminum
  • Comfort-focused designs


  • Entry-level components
  • Not very durable

Overview of the Huffy Bike Lineup

The Huffy bike lineup is huge, with an ever-changing list of bikes across multiple categories, including mountain, cruiser, electric, comfort, BMX, and kids. Instead of covering each bike here, we will provide an overview of the categories and the types of bikes available to purchase in each.

Huffy Mountain Bikes

green huffy mountain bike in the forest

The Huffy mountain bike lineup has a wide range of male and female-specific models available in styles like rigid, full-suspension, hardtail, and various wheel sizes, including 29″, 27.5″, and 26″. 

Due to their entry-level components, Huffy mountain bikes are only suitable for light off-roading on dirt tracks, gravel, and grass. Proper MTB trails should be avoided.

These bikes also serve well as comfortable commuters, with their wide, knobbly tires, suspension, and stable geometry that provides traction, shock absorption, and control on mixed terrain and in varied weather conditions.

Some of the most popular Huffy MTBs in stock now in men’s and/or women’s versions include:

  • Huffy Stone – Hardtail Huffy mountain bike, 26-inch with 21-speed gearing and rim brakes
  • Huffy Incline – 29″ hardtail with rim brakes and 18-speed gearing
  • Huffy Torreya – 27.5″ hardtail with disc brakes and 8 speeds
  • Huffy Amara – 29″ full-suspension with disc brakes and 9 speeds

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Huffy Cruiser Bikes

woman riding huffy cruiser bicycle along the beach

Huffy cruiser bikes are some of the most popular models the brand offers. Cruisers are ideal for recreational riding with their wide tires, laid-back riding positions, 26″ wheels, and approachable frame geometry.

Huffy beach cruisers for men all use classic klunker frames and come with varied specs, some equipped for commuting with racks and baskets and others with just fenders for those who don’t require carrying capacity.

The ‘women’s’ versions use step-through frames, while the ‘men’s’ have step-over frames. In reality, all the models are unisex. Many of the Huffy cruisers use their ‘Perfect Fit’ design, which allows you to get both feet on the ground while sitting.

Some of the most popular models available now include:

  • Huffy Airway – Fully equipped aluminum cruiser with 6-speed gearing
  • Huffy Woodhaven – Fully equipped steel single-speed Huffy beach cruiser bike
  • Huffy Body Glove – Fully equipped aluminum single-speed with bright yellow rims
  • Huffy Good Vibrations – Single-speed cruiser with fenders only.

Huffy Electric Bikes

african american woman riding a huffy electric bike

The Huffy electric bike range comprises five models in different styles, including mountain, cruiser, and folding fat-tire bikes. As of writing, just two are available in stock on the site.

These electric bikes are ideal for light use, with low-power 350W motors and minimal ranges of around 25 miles. The affordable prices make them accessible to riders who cannot afford an ebike from one of the best electric bike brands.

Riders looking for reliable daily commuters should look for an e-bike with higher-end components and more powerful electronics. However, for those who want to ride occasionally, Huffy electric bikes are sufficient. The two models currently in stock are:

  • Huffy Motoric – Folding Huffy 20-inch bike with fat tires and a low-step frame
  • Huffy Everett+ – 27.5″ cruiser e-bike with 7-speed gearing and disc brakes

Huffy Comfort Bikes

man sitting next to a huffy electric bike

Huffy’s range of ‘comfort’ bikes are cruiser-style hybrids, most of which (except for the popular Panama Jack) don’t have racks.

These hybrid cruisers aren’t quite as laid-back as standard Huffy cruiser bikes, but they have oversized saddles and upright geometry, and some have swept-back handlebars. They also have larger 27.5″ wheels and lighter frames, making them more suitable for commuting.

Some of the most popular models include:

  • Huffy Siena Men’s – A steel-framed, 7-speed hybrid with rim brakes and 27.5″ wheels
  • Huffy Casoria – An aluminum 7-speed hybrid available in men’s (step-over) and Huffy women’s bike (step-through) frames
  • Huffy Panama Jack – A fully equipped aluminum cruiser with 6-speed gearing and 26″ wheels

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Huffy BMX Bikes

green huffy bmx bike

Huffy is renowned for its kids’ bikes and BMXs (most of which are kids’ sizes). The range of Huffy BMXs includes 20″, 24″, and 26″ models, steel and aluminum frames, and different brake combinations (coaster and rim).

Some models, such as the Axilus or Exist race bikes, are suitable for practicing tricks in bike parks. Others, like the Kyro and Radium, are meant for casual riding, with chain guards and colorful finishes. Prices range from $98 to $250.

Some popular models currently available include:

  • Huffy Enigma – This is an aluminum race bike with 20″ wheels and an adjustable rear V-brake
  • Huffy Axilus – A steel-framed race bike with 20″ wheels and a rear V-brake

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Huffy Kids’ Bikes

boy riding a kids huffy mountain bike in the forest

In recent years, Huffy is best known for its huge lineup (over 50 models) of kids’ bikes, ranging from balance bikes for toddlers up to 24″ bikes for older kids. There are six sizes: 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, and Huffy 24-inch bikes to suit riders between roughly 2 and 12. The brand’s 26″ bikes are suitable for teens aged 13 and up.

Huffy is also renowned for designing character-based bikes extremely popular with young children, such as the Huffy Spiderman bike, Disney Princess, and Disney Frozen bikes. These come in wheel diameters from 12 to 18″, and they all have training wheels.

Huffy kids’ bikes range from $65 for 12″ balance bikes to $260 for 24″ cruiser models.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Huffy made in the USA?

No, Huffy is not made in the USA. The company originally manufactured its bikes in the US, but increasing labor costs in the second half of the 20th century forced it to move manufacturing to China in order to stay competitive.

Which brand is better, Huffy or Schwinn?

Between Huffy and Schwinn, the latter has a slightly better reputation. Both are low-cost bike brands that have been in the industry for over 100 years. Both companies had reputations for creating quality bikes, but over time, they lowered the quality of their products.

What type of bike is a Huffy?

A Huffy bike is one made by the brand Huffy. The company sells several types of bikes, including mountain, electric, cruiser, comfort, kids’ bikes, and BMXs. Their range is extensive, with several models of different designs and specs in each category.

What are Huffy bikes made of?

Huffy bikes are made of either steel or aluminum, depending on the model. The steel bikes are more durable and long-lasting, but they are heavier and more susceptible to rusting. The aluminum bikes are lighter but more easily damaged in a crash.

How heavy is a Huffy bike?

Huffy bikes can weigh up to 45lb for the heaviest standard models with baskets and racks, such as the Panama Jack. The e-bikes weigh even more (up to 65lb), with their electronics adding more weight. Low-end components mean Huffy bicycles are heavier than average.

recreational huffy bike in front of a colorful wall

Huffy bikes are basic, entry-level products designed for beginners, those with limited budgets, or someone who needs a simple bike for occasional use. Would we buy a Huffy bike? Well, if our situation were as described above, we’d certainly consider a Huffy bike. 

You can be perfectly happy with a Huffy bike (and the unbeatably low prices) by tempering your expectations and understanding that these bikes are meant for light use. Yes, they require extra care and maintenance to keep in working order, but they offer a comfortable and practical way to get from A to B.

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