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Firmstrong Bikes

By Rebecca Bland   /  Last updated - December 4, 2023

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Firmstrong is a Californian bicycle manufacturer that makes recreational and leisure bikes. The styles of bikes in its range include cruisers, hybrids, electrics, commuters, kids, and comfort bikes.

Premium Quality, Modern Design & Unbeatable Value

About Firmstrong

firmstrong brand logoFOCUS. Rather than a stuffy, sport-focused bike brand, Firmstrong appeals to the fun and playful side of biking. Their bicycles are designed to be enjoyed with friends rather than ridden competitively. Firmstrong bikes are designed for easy use and with simplicity in mind, keeping parts and repairs to a minimum.

Firmstrong aims to ‘blend style and functionality’ to offer riders an experience rather than just a form of transport.

AFFORDABILITY. Each Firmstrong bike is designed in-house and built from only the highest quality materials to provide a long-lasting, smooth-sailing ride. Despite the dedication to quality, Firmstrong tries to keep its bikes affordable so that they are accessible to as many riders as possible.

MISSION. Their goal is to spread the love of cycling throughout communities by appealing to people from all different walks of life. In addition to male and female bikes, Firmstrong also stocks a range of kids’ bikes from balance bikes for toddlers to 16” and 20” bikes for young kids and teens.

Firmstrong Bikes History

firmstrong bikes at a beach

The beginning. Firmstrong started life as a small independent bike retailer in Hermosa Beach, California, in 2010. All bikes were originally designed using pen and paper with the intention to refine and reduce the complexity of bicycles in a way that would appeal to new riders.

Marketing. Rather than take on large distributors and expend capital on marketing, Firmstrong has managed to keep their bicycles cheap by selling directly to the public. It is part of the Sixthreezero Enterprise group of bicycle retailers which also has headquarters in California.

Firmstrong Bikes

The main adult Firmstrong product line consists of geared and single-speed 26” bikes in cruiser, comfort, and hybrid styles. The electric bike range has a 7-speed ladies’ and men’s version in the same 26” cruiser style. Kids bikes offer a single balance bike in four colors, a 16” bike with trainer wheels, and various 20” boys and girls bikes in several colors.

All Firmstrong bikes come in Men’s and Women’s versions except the Bruiser which is Men’s only and the Bella, which is Women’s only. Almost all bikes have a choice of gears, from single-speed to 3-speed, 7-speed, and a few 21-speed options. Most bikes have 26” wheels but the Urban Women’s and Bella Fashionista Women’s have 24” wheel versions.

All products can be ordered online and delivered anywhere within the continental US. Bikes are delivered via FedEx and come 80% assembled in a box.

Firmstrong Cruiser Bikes

2 of the most popular – Firmstrong Urban & Firmstrong Chief

Firmstrong Bruiser 3 Speed - Men's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike

  • Urban 

Urban is the basic cruiser and lowest-priced adult bike in the Firmstrong range. It features the standard 19” cruiser frame with dual-spring saddle, coaster brake, and Kenda 2.125” tires.

  • Chief  

Upgraded cruiser style bike with 19” frame, Kenda 26×2.125” tires, KT coaster brake, and Shimano gears. Get the 3.0 version for extra-large 3-inch tires for a softer, more comfortable ride.

  • Urban Deluxe 

The Urban Deluxe is the pimp-daddy of cruiser bikes with a long, stretched out and extreme Lowrider sitting position. With a comfortable, oversized saddle and wide handlebars, no other bike is as laidback as the Urban Deluxe

  • Bruiser

In single, 3, or 7-speed, the Bruiser is a tough, thicker-framed cruiser ideal for some off-road riding. Get the 3.0 version for extra-large 3-inch tires that can roll over sand without trouble. 

  • Bella Classic

This 15” frame women’s cruiser has a thick top tube design for extra strength, 2.125” Kenda tires, and a double-sprung saddle. It also comes with 24” wheels or in the stylized “Fashionista” design.

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Firmstrong Hybrid Bikes

Firmstrong Black Rock Single Speed, Matte Black - Men's 29" Beach Cruiser Bike


  • Black Rock

This large 19” frame hybrid has 29” wheels, making it ideal for taller riders and those looking for extra speed. It comes in single-speed only with coaster brakes, ideal for cruising around Burning Man.

  • Mila Women’s 700c

This extra comfortable 700c women’s bike has a retro look with brown leather saddle, luggage rack, and two-tone color scheme. It’s upright position and 7-speeds make for slow, casual riding.

  • Bruiser Prestige

This hybrid version of the Bruiser cruiser bike has a larger 19” frame, 21 gears, and both front and rear caliper brakes. It’s the best bike in the Firmstrong range for long-distance rides over varied terrain.

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Firmstrong Comfort Bikes

Firmstrong ANYjourney Men's 26" 7 Speed, Navy Blue

  • ANYJourney

With slightly larger 1.95” x 26” tires and a foot-forward seating position, this is a very smooth and relaxing bike to ride. It includes fenders and a rear rack for carrying small items or bags and has both front and rear caliper brakes for easy stopping.

  • CA-520 

This very relaxed 17” low-rider frame has a declined seat tube putting the rider above the rear wheel. It has 26” x 2.125” tires and comes in 3- and 7-speed versions with both front and rear caliper brakes 

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Firmstrong Kids’ Bikes

firmstrong kids bikes

Balance Bikes – For Boys & Girls
16″ – Mini Bruiser (With training wheels)
20″ – Urban Girl’s / Urban Special Edition Girl’s / Bella Classic Girl’s / Urban Boy’s / Urban Special Edition Boy’s

  • Balance Bike

This boy’s and girls balance bike comes in four fun colors with tiny 12” wheels ideal for 2-5-year-olds. No pedals, gears, or brakes – just fun, foot-powered rolling. 

  • Mini Bruiser

The single-speed mini-bruiser comes in a stylish 9” black frame with 16” red wheels and a coaster brake. It comes with removable training wheels to assist with the transition to pedals.

  • Kid’s Urban

When it’s time to lose the training wheels and upgrade, the Urban 20” beach cruiser offers the first real bike experience for 5-9-year-olds. The 13” frame comes in black with red wheels on the boy’s version and mint green with white wheels on the girls. 

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Firmstrong Electric Bikes

Firmstrong has gone electric!

Firmstrong Urban Man 26" 350W Seven Speed Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

  • Urban 7-speed 350-Watt Electric

Firmstrong has a men’s and women’s version of its 350-watt electric bike, both with similar features but a slightly different frame. On the women’s bike with a lowered crossbar, the 350-watt electric engine is situated across the bottom bar rather than the down tube on the Men’s version.

Both bikes have a 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain assisted by the 350-watt rear hub motor. The Urban Electric cruiser has both front and rear mechanical disc brakes and 26 x 2.125” Kenda White Wall tires. The ideal bike for riders who need assistance or simply want to get uphill without breaking a sweat.


  • 350W pedal-assist rear-hub motor
  • 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Control panel for power’
  • LCD screen shows: Battery percentage, distances travel, speed
  • 19″ frame on 26″ wheels
  • 7-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Dual Spring comfort seat
  • 2.125” Wide tires
  • Weight: 38lbs / 17kg
  • Max load capacity: 300lbs/136kg

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Firmstrong Men’s Bikes

firmstrong men's bike range - 9 models

Men’s Cruiser Bikes Range:

  • Urban – 21speed / 7-speed / 3-speed / Single-speed
  • Urban Deluxe Single-speed
  • CA-520 7-speed / 3-speed
  • Bruiser – 21speed / 7-speed / 3-speed / Single-speed
  • Chief 7-speed / 3-speed / Single-speed
  • Chief 3.0
  • Urban 24″ – Single-speed
  • Urban Special Edition – Single-speed
  • Urban Alloy Single-speed
  • AnyJourney – 7-speed

Hybrid/Comfort cruisers:

  • ANYJourney 7-speed
  • Black Rock Single-Speed
  • Bruiser Prestige 21-speed
  • CA-520 7-speed / 3-speed

Firmstrong Women’s bikes

firmstrong women's cruiser bikes

Women’s cruiser bikes range

  • Urban 26″ 21-speed / 7-speed / 3-speed / Single-speed
  • Urban 24″ – 7-speed / 3-speed
  • Urban Boutique Single-speed
  • Urban Aluminum Single-speed
  • Urban Limited Single-speed
  • Urban Special Edition
  • Chief 7-speed / 3-speed / Single-speed
  • Bella Fashionista 7-speed / 3-speed / Single-speed
  • Bella Classic 7-speed / 3-speed / Single-speed

Comfort/Commuter/Hybrid cruisers

  • ANYJourney – 7-speed
  • CA-520 – 7-speed
  • Mila 700c – 7-speed

Bike Accessories

In addition to bikes, Firmstrong offers a wide selection of accessories, including locks, lights, bells, baskets, cycle computers, water bottles, pumps, fenders, rims, and tires. They even stock a range of funky accessories like clip-on wireless speakers and multi-color electric wheel lights.

Topeak TrolleyTote Folding MTX Rear Basket

Luggage Carriers

$19 – $79

The selection of carriers ranges from basic wire mesh front baskets to folding rear tote trolleys and wicker baskets with lids.



Keep safe with a Securit Spyne Armor lock, in both key or combination style.

Pumps and Repair kits

$2 – $50

Stay prepared with a basic $2 repair kit that includes patches and glue and add a small pump for $29.99. Otherwise, go for the full repair kit with mini gas pump, tire levers, patches, and saddlebag for $50

Firmstrong Size Chart

Beach Cruiser Bike Size Chart

Wheel Size Frame Size Height(In) Height(cm) Age
16″ 8″ – 10″ 2’10” 3’8″ 86 – 112 1 – 5
20″ 12″ 3’2″ 4’4″ 97 – 132 4 – 10
24″ 15″ 4′ 5’4″ 122 – 163 8 +
26″ 15″ – 21″ 5′ 6’4″ 152 – 193 11 +
26″ Extended Frame 6′ + 183 + Adult


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