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By Alan Ira Fleischmann

We all have something wrong with us. Nobody's perfect. In fact, most cyclists I know DO have some characteristic or ailment that many would use as an excuse NOT to ride. Most report, however, that cycling either helps them feel better, or actually helps them deal with their particular maladies. Of course, there are some physiological problems that make cycling impossible, but YOURS probably ISN'T one of them!

For example, I've encountered several asthmatics who ride. Some take medications, some carry inhalers. I've only encountered one rider who suffered an asthma attack, and it was minor and remedied with his inhaler. Knee and back soreness can be overcome with pre-ride stretches, and proper seat/handlebar positioning. Easier gears and lower intensity rides seem to work. Skin ailments deserve moisturizer and sun block 21. Sore tushes deserve gel seats and more riding (Soften the seat, toughen the tush!). Allergies get the Sudafed treatment. I, myself, am diabetic. I can't eat power bars, ice cream, or Fig Newtons. I can, and do, eat potatoes, bananas, and bagels. The exercise keeps me trim and off medication!

Don't like hills? Ride where it's flat! Goodness knows our club (and many others in the area) have enough rides on the flats. 'Fraid of the dark? Get a headlight! Too cold? Get some Gore-Tex or Supplex! Hate the heat? Get some Lycra and Coolmax, and drink plenty of water! No time? MAKE time! Too stressed? RIDE! RIDE! RIDE!

What's YOU'RE problem? Gout? Asthma? Leprosy? Dry skin? Zits? If you have a real medical problem, see your doctor. Then go out for a bike ride! Quit making excuses. Get off your sofa and ride!



Go for a ride, it'll calm you down!

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