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F r i c t i o n!

     Why do we oil or spray our bike chains? Why do bikers wear snug clothing? One word: Friction.

     Friction happens when two things rub together too much and become too hot. When things get too hot they break or get hurt. A chain without oil will rub on a chain ring until it snaps or gets stuck. Doggone it! Bike shorts without snug padding may rub against the skin and cause blisters or rashes. Yeow!

     Just how can we beat friction? On a chain, a door hinge, or in a car's motor, we can stop friction with oil. That can come in a bottle, tube or a spray. Sometimes it is called grease or a lube. It coats the metal parts and keeps them from getting hot when they rub together. It makes your bike run well and last longer. For our skin, we can wear loose bike clothes that don't rub, or snug fitting clothes that stretch. This way we don't get blisters. On long rides, shorts with snug padding keep away sores. Also, bike gloves can keep your hands from rubbing too much on handle bar grips. Now that's more like it!

     Be a winner. Beat Friction!

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