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New, Uniform Signage for Bike Lanes, Paths Mandated

By Charles Pekow

Mr. Pekow, a seasoned Washington journalist, provides Bikexchange.com with continuing coverage of national legislative news on bicycling issues. 

Look for new traffic signs as you bicycle along in the coming years. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has just revised its Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), with a rewritten chapter called Traffic Controls for Bicycle Facilities governing signs and street markings for bike lanes.

By December 22, 2005, all states will have to adopt the new code or their own code in “substantial compliance” with it. If not, they can lose federal highway funds and will easily lose lawsuits filed by any bicyclists injured in a non-compliant roadway. The rules apply to all public roads owned by state and local governments.

Among the biggest changes in the next two years:

MUTCD code also replaces the terms “Bicycle Path” and “bicycle facilities” with “Shared Use Path” when referring to off-road facilities.

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