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1999 Pro Men Race & Course
Altoona, PA | August 1, 1999
Photos by
Jim Joyce

Follow Stage 6 of the Tour de 'Toona, the Downtown Altoona Criterium. These photos are arranged to follow the criterium's 1-mile downtown course shot by shot while highlighting some of the unique landmarks, competitors, and thrilling moments of the Pro Men's final race.

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 Tour De Toona T-Shirt             The Gun Sounds: Cyclist Take Off             Antonio Cruz Turns Corner Leading Pack
Tour T-shirt                    The Gun Sounds               Cruz Leads Early On

  Cyclists climb 15th St. hill.   Pack turns from 15th St. to 12th Ave.     Long straightaway past Cathedral  Long straightaway past Cathedral  
    15th Street Hill         15th St. to 12th Ave.       Long straightaway past Cathedral

Cyclists descend 12th Avenue.   Tricky turn for pack   Another tricky turn   90 degree turn, great architecture 
Cyclists descend 12th Avenue Hill to series of tricky turns in Historic Downtown

  Toughest s-curve on course                     Cyclists pass majestic Post Office.                        Leaders make move.
Tense S-Turn                   Passing Majestic Post Office             Making Move

Allegheny Mountains loom in background of race.     Top three of race emerge.       Davidenko leads at bell lap.      Triumphant Davidenko crosses finish line. 
Allegheny Mts. Backdrop            Top 3 Emerge                 Davidenko Leads...             .....and Wins!  

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