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By Jim Joyce

"Here's mud in your eye." But only mud to be seen for miles was the dusty-sweaty mix on the brows of some hard-driving, fun-loving mountain bikers.

For certain, the sun scorched the ordinarily lush foliage, full of rhododendrons and thick green maples and pines. It even caused the dust to fly on the rugged, snaking downhill bike trail at Seven Springs Mountain Resort (Seven "Dry" Springs?), the jewel of the Alleghennies.

But when the dust settled, spectators' thirst for some outstanding downhill biking had been quenched.

The event: the 1999 Chevy Trucks NORBA National Championship Series, Seven Springs Resort, Champion, Pennsylvania, June 10-13.

This collection of photos covers the final afternoon of the event, which featured the Pro Men and Women's Downhill Finals and the Awards Ceremony.

Results Summary:

Pro Men's Downhill Finals...
~ 1st Place  -  Myles Rockwell (Team Giant), 2:16.44
~ 2nd Place -  Jurgen Beneke (Giant), 2:17.43
~ 3rd Place  -  Mike King (Haro Bikes), 2:20.71

Pro Women's Downhill Finals...
~ 1st Place  -  Elke Brutsaert (Schwinn/Toyota), 2:36.55
~ 2nd Place -  Marla Streb (Yeti), 2:39.35
~ 3rd Place  -  Lisa Sher (Foes/Azonic), 2:42.03

Featured Photos:

Men's and Women's Pro Downhill Highlights
Awards and Post Race Shots

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