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A Review of the Book, A Crash Course for Molly
Written and Illustrated by
Eva Eriksson 

By Gianna Bellofatto

Our "Life Is a Bike" columnist takes a spin on a clever, illustrated book for children (preschool through 2nd Grade) ... 

The delightful children’s book, A Crash Course for Molly, presents the main character, Molly, and her grandmother, as two bicycling enthusiasts. These are animal characters that speak and behave in human fashion; a literary tool that will endear them to young readers. The title also has a double meaning, which becomes apparent as the story unfolds.

Molly is a young, inexperienced rider who takes Grandma’s advise to literally to keep an eye on objects ahead in her path so she won’t crash into them. But the more Molly attempts to be alert to obstacles ahead, the more she keeps crashing into them! Until they happen upon a driving instructor who explains to Molly that importance of looking beyond obstacles and at the whole road. 

There are many messages in the book. It is refreshing to see a grandmother riding a bicycle with her granddaughter. It tells the young reader about courtesy on the rode. And the book depicts the main characters wearing helmets. Molly experiences independence with her new found freedom of bike riding—and that in of itself is a big message for little people. Read it with your children and grandchildren...ride with them too. Enjoy! 

The Book...
A Crash Course for Molly
(2005), written and illustrated by Eva Eriksson, translated by Elisabeth Kallick Dyssegaard, is published by  Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York. It's ISBN is 91-29-66156-0.

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