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A Review of The Huffman Spring Classic
Miamisburg, OH  |  May 16, 1999

By George Hellinger

It doesn't get any better than this.

The Huffman Spring Classic bicycle tour was held on Sunday, May 16, 1999. The Dayton Bicycle Club sponsors this event that originates at Rice Field in the town of Miamisburg. The ride offers a variety of lengths and starting times; I chose the century route and started the ride about 7:30 am. Approximately 400 riders participated.

Spring in Ohio is a beautiful season; the day proved to be perfect, with plenty of sun, a comfortable temperature and little wind. The route covered country roads to the west and north of Miamisburg, and touched the Ohio-Indiana state line. Along with green pastures, fresh farm fields and babbling brooks, the route took riders across two covered bridges. Be careful to walk your bike across these spans as the boards run parallel with your travel. One small slip can lead to dropping a wheel between boards and instant disaster!

The first hill of the ride occurred at about the 12 mile mark, just prior to the first rest stop. Most riders found this hill to be challenging and a good warm-up for the legs. The remainder of the course had a good variety of rolling hills, none which challenged the effort required of the initial ascent.

The food stops were well-stocked and plentiful. There were four food stops in addition to the lunch stop. Each food stop offered water, juice, fresh fruit and cookies. What else could a biker want? How about a real lunch stop? Lunch consisted of chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon, salad, cookies and a drink. The food was hot and delicious.

The only negative of the event was the condition of a number of the roads. Mostly tar and chip, a large number of the roads consisted of broken and cracked surfaces resulting in a bone-jarring ride. The road vibration was significant enough to cause the failure of welds on one of my water bottle cages. On several roads, the pavement condition forced bicyclists to ride on or near the crown of the road in order to keep from being jostled unmercifully by the failing pavement.

Overall, the ride was a enjoyable. A perfect spring day combined with beautiful country scenery, great ride support and varied terrain makes the Huffman Spring Classic a ride that belongs on everyone’s calendar of events.

Now if they can only get the roads paved.

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