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  G r a v i t y !

     Why isn't it just as easy to pedal up a steep hill as it is to fly down it on your bike? When you ride out of your garage, why don't you and your bike just float into the sky? What if you fell off your bike and got stuck in the top of a tree?

     Sound silly? You bet it is. But this would not be silly if it weren't for one thing: Gravity.

     Gravity works just like a magnet. If you stick a metal screw on a magnet it will stay there. You can roll it around with your finger but it will stay unless you really yank it off.

     Think of our planet, Earth, as a big magnet. It is so strong that it holds us on the ground very easily even though it is round like a ball. I'll bet your basketball doesn't have gravity! It's not at all like a magnet.

     Gravity also makes it hard to climb a rope or a tree. It kind of pulls you back down and makes you tired. It also makes it hard to pedal up hills. But the great thing about gravity is it makes going down hills really fun. It pulls you down the hill until you're going fast.

     It's a good thing we have gravity. Without it, we wouldn't even be able to ride our bikes. We'd be too busy floating around in the sky!

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