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 Bikexchange.com Fall 2001 Poll Results

The Bicycle Exchange Fall 2001 Poll asked the question:

"What kind of backyard bicycle mechanic do you consider yourself to be?"

The poll was concluded on December 31, 2001. The results...

Total Votes: 75

  1. CERTIFIED EXPERT MECHANIC (can do it all) | 10 Votes | 13%
  2. EXPERT, BUT NOT CERTIFIED (can true a wheel, and that's pretty tough) | 15 Votes | 20%
  3. ADVANCED (can tinker with almost any bike) | 17 Votes | 23%
  4. INTERMEDIATE (regularly works on own bike, but shaky on others) | 17 Votes | 23%
  5. ADVANCED BEGINNER (tune-ups only--tightens nuts, spokes, cables, etc., fixes flat) 
    | 10 Votes | 13%
  6. NOVICE (nothing beyond pumping air into tires, re-adjusting seat) | 6 Votes | 8%
  7. CERTIFIED NON-MECHANIC (can't even fill a tire but knows how to pedal) | 0 Votes | 0%

Comments submitted during posting of poll:

I have received much useful information from Andy, both in submitted questions and in reading Q&As, and just want to say I appreciate the service you provide. It's the best out there.

December 10, 2001

I don't know if I was swept in by the marketing or just responded based on wanting to
"give help back" if I could by responding to the poll.  Andy has been a great help to me
and the Q&A is a wealth of information.  Also, he tells it like it is, no hype, no
steering...you know what I mean.

December 17, 2001


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