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Orbea MX 24 XC Review

The Orbea MX 24 is a selection of great bikes for your kid. They’ll fall in love with the looks and the coloring but at the same time, they’ll get a decent tool for their training. Today, we’ll be reviewing the MX 24 XC model, but we’ll tell you something about the other ones as well.


Full Review

We all know how important physical activity is and this is even more true when it comes to kids. Cycling is one of the best ways to engage your kid into being physically active because it’s fun, it’s easy, and kids’ bikes look really cool nowadays. The Orbea MX 24 is a bike that meets all three of the requirements above. It’s a great bike for your kid, they’ll fall in love with its looks and the coloring but at the same time, they’ll get a decent tool for their training.

With the Orbea MX 24, you’ll be able to easily take your kid with you on those fun rides on the trails and enjoy nature and cycling together. More than anything else, the Orbea MX 24 is fun and good-looking and it is hard to resist hopping on it and going for a ride.


Orbea MX 24 Main Features

The main features of Orbea MX 24 are really impressive for a kids’ bike. This could easily be your kid’s first bike on which they will take their first steps on the trail. However, it could be an upgraded bike as well, in case your kid rode a very basic MTB before. In any case, this bike is very likable, so they will surely enjoy it.

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Aluminum Frame

First of all, to mention the total weight, this bike is pretty light. The Orbea MX 24 total weight is 24 lbs. In part, this is because of a smaller kids’ frame and smaller 24” tires, but this is still pretty light for an MTB.

Another contributor to this 24 lbs weight is the frame. It’s an aluminum Orbea frame, with attractive hex tubing, internal cable routing, and a comfortable trail geometry. The frame is only suitable for disc brakes, so rim brakes cannot be installed on this one.


Suspension And Components

ComponentsThe Orbea MX 24 is equipped with a suspended fork that does a great job of reducing vibrations and impact on the trail. It’s an SR Suntour, with 40 mm of travel.

This fork is not capable of miracles on the trails, but it will be enough to take care of some vibrations and make the ride more comfortable. The components, specifically the rear derailleur is part of the Shimano Altus groupset. There are 8 gears in total on the cassette, from 11-34T, which gives a really good range of speeds to your kid.

They’ll be able to tackle any hills and any rough terrain and be able to keep the cadence high and protect their knees. Moreover, even though the Shimano Altus component groupset is an entry-level option, you will still get decent shifting. They’re known to last for a long time and to sustain a lot of beating if taken care of properly.

Orbea MX 24 colors

The 2018 MX 24 had three colors, 2019 has only one.

Tires And Wheels

The tires that the Orbea MX 24 rolls on are Kenda’s 922.  They are 1.95” wide, which is not too wide, but wide enough to provide great stability when cornering on loose surfaces. Wider tires would be slower on harder terrain, so this is a good compromise. They provide plenty of grip and minimize the chance of falls. The wheels, on the other hand, are 24” so they are perfect for kids. There is plenty of stand-over clearance, so there’s no chance for any falls or discomforts on that end.


The Orbea MX 24’s stopping system is good but not spectacular. It’s fitted with V-brakes which provide very decent braking both for gradual slowdowns and for more aggressive stops. Disc brakes are a better choice, especially hydraulic disc brakes. However, for casual riding, rim brakes do a great job as well. If you want disc brakes, you can pay a bit more for the Orbea MX 24 Disc or Trail models, which are pretty good as well.


Saddle And Other Highlights

Being comfortable on a bike is important for everyone – both the adults and kids. However, it is even more important for kids, since it could determine whether their love for cycling will last. Orbea MX 24 has thought about that with its Velo 5061 saddle that has a nice rounded geometry and lots of comfortable padding.

The Orbea MX 24 also comes with pre-installed pedals, which is not common for many bikes, so the bike is ready to ride once you buy it. However, if you prefer clipless pedals for your youngster, you will have to upgrade, since the stock model is BMX flats.

Finally, Orbea MX 24’s cockpit is specifically designed and optimized to suit younger riders and to feel good and secure to them. They’ll have more control in their hands and fall in love with cycling even more.


Should You Buy This To Your Kids?

There isn’t much to say or debate when it comes to Orbea MX24, other than it is a great bike for your small rider. Buying a good-quality bike should not be reserved only for adults. Your kid might outgrow the bike quickly but it is important for them to get the same amount of quality, safety, and performance as you have. The Orbea MX 24 has all of that.

Moreover, because kids grow fast and outgrow bikes quickly, you do not want to spend a crazy amount of money, which you do not have to do for the Orbea MX 24. Finally, the most important thing about buying a bike for your kid is that it puts a smile both on your and their face. The Orbea MX 24 is definitely capable of doing so. If you think that the MX 24 XC is not suitable for your kid, check out one of the other models as well:

  • Orbea MX 24 Dirt
  • Orbea MX 24 Team
  • Orbea MX 24 Team Disc
  • Orbea MX 24 Trail
  • Orbea MX 24 Park
  • Orbea MX 24 Speed

Availability –  JensonUSA


Full Specs

The Orbea MX 24 looks really good, however, that is far from everything that it offers. It’s not a cheap bicycle, but it is not expensive either, and it comes with some cool specs to justify the price.

Below are the features of the Orbea MX 24 XC model:

  • Frame: Orbea MX 24 Alu
  • Fork: SR Suntour M3010 40mm V-Brake QR
  • Crankset: Alloy 36t (152)
  • Headset: 1-1/8″ Semi-Integrated
  • Handlebar: Alloy 31.8mm Riser 560mm
  • Stem: Alloy 31.8mm interface 7º
  • Shifters: Shimano SL-M315
  • Brakes: Alu V-Brake
  • Cassette: Shimano HG31 11-34t 8-Speed
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Altus M310
  • Wheels: Orbea Alloy 24″
  • Tires: Kenda 922 24×1.95
  • Pedals: VP-560 Black
  • Saddle: Velo 5061


Sizes & Buying Options

According to Orbea’s size charts, this bike fits riders between 5’3″ – 6’1″

Availability – JensonUSAMSRP $330



What We Like About Orbea MX 24

  • Shimano components
  • Lots of different builds
  • Different color combinations
  • Lightweight aluminum frame

Points of Improvement for Orbea MX 24

  • No disc brakes



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