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Bikexchange changed its owners in December of 2017! We are currently refreshing the site to bring it into year 2018
You will see many changes in the months to come, so keep your eye on it!
The "new" Bikexchange will be your bicycle guide from A to Z, including bike reviews,
articles, guides, how-to's, suggestions and much more!

Credits to Jim Joice who founded this page back in 1996. Big thanks, he has done a backbreaking amount of amazing work in the last 20 years!

The perfect book for cyclists of all stripes and levels...
The Bicycle Book: Wit, Wisdom & Wanderings

Inside Bikexchange... 
Ask the Mechanic  Truing truisms, Salvaging old Judy's, Shimano+ Campy, plus 1,000+ Q&As in past seasons (updates suspended in '07) ~ 
~ Features Trio of  '07 Cycling developments, Pedaling, er, peddling books, Review of The Road That Has No End...(updates suspended)  ~
Cartoons: 46 cycling-related 'toons from a talented corps of cartoonists. Some topical, some zany, but all original...  ~
New Cycling Books list has all bicycling related titles from 1998-2007, some of them critiqued in our Book Reviews  ~
Racing Headlines:  Road, Mountain, Cross, Track racing news from the finest outlets in the world  ~
 ~  OH-WA-PA Rides:  Links to tours in this region, updated periodically  ~

~  New Classified Ads every single week and still free!  ~

A Great Cause:
Cycling to Aid Wounded Soldiers:
Thoughtful books re: life and cycling...
Traffic Life: Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies & The Art of Bicycling: A Treasury of Verse
The Steps of Pittsburgh: Portrait of a City 
(fascinating book featuring an excerpt from a Bikexchange story,
Pittsburgh Bike Cops On Track)

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