Best Mountain Bike Picks

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If you are ready to buy a mountain bike, make sure you choose the right one!

As you already know, the internet is full of bikes, and as far as I’m concerned some of them don’t even deserve to be called a bike. On the other hand, there are also plenty of superb mountain bikes for sale which deserves to be recognized!

Here, under the best mountain bike picks, we gathered the best-of-best from multiple categories!

Let’s point the categories out here!

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Best Mountain Bike Picks


Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 – For Beginners or Occasional Riders

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars

As written above, the mountain bikes under $500 category is designed for occasional or beginner riders. This is the price range where mountain bikes start to become attainable. Here you will only find hardtails because you really can’t get a reliable full suspension bike in this price scale.

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Best Mountain Bikes (For 2019)

Best Mountain Bikes

If you are looking for the best mountain bikes for 2019, then you’ll find them here. It’s the buying guide for $500 to $9,000 bikes. It includes both hardtail and full-suspension bikes as well as fat bikes. Yup, for women and electricity friends too.

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Coming Soon: Best Mountain Bikes Under $1,000 – For Beginners or Fitness Trainers

If you’re riding often, then this is the lowest price scale you should be looking in. Here you will find pretty decent mountain bikes, which will give you a taste of what expensive mountain bikes ride like. In the “Under $1,000” category, there will be entry-level full-suspension bikes too. However, do not buy a carbon bike in this price range as it will not be any good. Even if you find an okay frame, the components will be worse to help keep the overall price down.

Coming Soon: Best Mountain Bikes for Women

As written above, there actually isn’t a big difference between men’s & women’s bikes. Any women can actually choose from men’s mountain bikes too. We’ve participated in many mountain bike races and seen that most of the women (especially in first half) ride men’s mountain bikes.
However, you can check the best women’ mountain bikes, taking in mind the geometry and weight.

Coming Soon: Best 27.5” Mountain Bikes

27.5” is the perfect in between size as it sits between 26” and 29” wheels for weight and performance. It has advantages that other bike types don’t have and vice versa. We suggest 27.5” wheels to all cross-country mountain bikers who are shorter than 5’6“.


Coming Soon: Best 29” Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes with 29” wheels have much better rolling performance over obstacles compared to bikes with smaller wheels. If you are looking for best 29” mountain bikes, you might want to look here! More and more bikes are being outfitted with 29” wheels as they have really proven themselves lately.

Coming Soon: Best Expert Mountain Bikes

Whether you are expert, or you are ready to take the next step towards becoming one, this block is for you! Mountain bikes for pros are lightweight and equipped with top-notch technologies to release the beast from inside you (allow you to reach your full potential). Every component is wisely chosen, and designed to withstand harsh usage. Expert mountain bikes don’t have to cost a fortune when properly chosen.

Coming Soon: Best Carbon Mountain Bikes

Carbon means speed and weight savings in the bike world. However, it means also durability! Carbon fiber frames actually tend to be stiffer than aluminum ones. Most racing bikes are made of carbon because it can help you to achieve better results.

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By Types

Some riders want a certain type of bike, and that’s why we made the categories below.

Best Trail Mountain Bikes

If you are true trail rider, then you will want a bike that can handle it. Cross country bikes will do most of the work, but if you are ready for the next step, look into trail bikes. Here are different trail bikes from the different price categories.

Best Full Suspension Bikes

Many cyclists who’ve been riding mountain bikes want to try out a full-suspension bike. This is because they allow you to ride where you can’t with a hardtail. Not to mention, full suspension bikes also offer much more comfort. Check out the best full suspension bikes here!

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes

We also pointed out hardtail bikes. Hardtail bikes are better than full suspension bikes for beginners as they teach you basic bike handling skills (without relying on rear suspension). Also, for the same price as a full suspension, they tend to be lighter, spec’d with better components, and faster! Here are our hardtail picks!

Best Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are one of the most recent arrivals in the bicycling world. Some say that they are only here for a short period of time, others say that they are here to stay. We believe in fat bikes because they allow you to ride on snow, sand, and mud easily, which you can’t do with other bike types!

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