Boys and Girls, print this out and see just how much you know about the states of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania (the home states of The Bicycle Exchange).

DOWN                                     ACROSS

1.  City has same name as Lake            1.  Letter after "D" (easy one!)
     it sits beside.
  Capital of West Virginia                  2.  Largest city in Pennsylvania
3.   Home of City of Lights Festival      3.  PA named after this William.
4.   Reds and Bengals play here.           4.  Home of Rock&Roll Hall of Fame
5.   The Buckeye State                         5.  Holy ________ ! (city)
6.   3 rivers meet in this city.                 6.  The Mountain State
                                                           7.  Capital of Pennsylvania
                                                           8.  Capital of Ohio
                                                           9.  Home of West Virginia University
Puzzle by Jim Joyce

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