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Himiway New Bikes Release (Update!)

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Electric Bikes, Reviews

himiway new ebikes

Launched on NOVEMBER 24, 7PM PST

[>>] Visit HimiwayBike.com/

[>>] Live Broadcast on YouTube

himiway bikes 2022 release

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Himiway Bikes is about to release three new e-bikes, and they’ve given us some clues.   Let’s have a guess and figure out what to expect.

1. All three types of new E-bikes’ names are inspired by animals.

– Himiway Zebra
– Himiway Big Dog
– Himiway Cobra Pro

himiway new release bike

2. New types of batteries. Not Ternary lithium battery, but more advanced.

3. More solid frame and have more choice to install different components

hinmiway new bike release

Himiway Cobra Pro – A mid-drive eBike with throttle – is it going to be  26×4″ or 27.5×3.0″?

4. All are hydraulic brakes

5. An professional mountain bike suspension design

himiway new bike release

6. Have different colors (and cool colors)

7. Integrated battery design, meaning the battery is unlikely to be affected by the rain and water

himiway bikes release


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