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Bikexchange logo, link to Home   Are You a Gearhead?Graphic of a Gearhead???
By Alan Ira Fleischmann

What's your seat tube angle, 72 degrees or 73.5 degrees, and does it matter? What's your gear cluster range, 11/21 or 12/28?  Is the middle ring of your "triple" a 38 or 40?  What's the "Micro Drive" concept?  How much trail does your fork have, and do you wish it was less (more)?  If you can rattle off the answers to all of the above, then you, too, may be a "Gearhead."

A Gearhead, to the cycling community, is the functional equivalent of a "nerd" in high school.  You remember, the geeky kid with the pocket protector who belonged to the chess club and who knew how to run the film projector.  Well, we've given up chess and we've lost the pocket protector. We're all grown up now, and we can fix our own bikes.

Still not sure about yourself?  Perhaps you're still a borderline Gearhead, a closet Gearhead, a Gearhead wannabe, or just a G.I.T. (Gearhead-in-training)? Remember, Gearheads:

If you, too, are a Gearhead, but are in denial, maybe you can try GA (Gearheads Anonymous)?  Each meeting begins with someone standing and proclaiming "I am a Gearhead!"

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