Weirick E-mail 11/6/97: Railbanking Victory!

Railbanking Victory!

Congress responded decisively this morning to the American public's commitment to rail-trails and a continuing national rail corridor preservation policy by turning aside Rep. Jim Ryun's (R-KS) legislation to repeal section 8(d) of the National Trails System Act. Section 8(d) allows for the railbanking of corridors for interim use as trails until reactivitation of rail service is needed.

Mr. Ryun withdrew his bill (HR2438) from a vote by the House Resources Subcommittee when expected support did not materialize. The issue may be revisited next year, but for now this latest threat to railbanking is dead.

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy would like to thank the hundreds of RTC members and supporters who contacted their Representatives urging opposition to the Ryun legislation as well as the members of Congress who supported us.

For more information contact the RTC Policy Department, 202/331-9680

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