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By Josh Cook

Ten-year-old Josh remembers his recent biking trip to West Virginia's Snowshoe Resort, most famous for it's fine snow skiing.


It all started when we took a four hour road trip from Wheeling to Snowhoe, West Virginia in May. When we got to the hotel we unloaded all of our stuff and went swimming at their indoor pools. Then we went to dinner. It was annoying because when we told them that we had a special bike package they gave us a whole new menu with just six things on it. I really hated that, but the food was still good.


Day two was really boring because it snowed all day and we couldn't go biking, that really stunk! So guess what we did? Went sightseeing! At first I thought it would be the most boring day of my life, but it turned out that I had a really good time. We went to this old lumber town called Cass. The lumber company built the town and houses. It had this big building where everyone got paid. They turned that building into a store where you can buy train stuff because they had a train that took tourists for a ride. Then we went to this restaurant where the food was homemade. It was really good.


O.K. Here comes the fun part of the trip! On the third day it was about 65 degrees outside so we went biking. When we were getting our bikes out of the shed my dad met this guy from Denmark and he invited him to come with us. His name was Megal. He was pretty cool.

The first trail we went on was called "Black Run Road" and it was going through forests and things. It wasn't what they called a "single track," which is a trail that one bike can fit on. It was a dirt road. The next road was called "Enchanted Forest." It was really cool because the fog rose off the ground so it looked like a mist. It also had roots and logs to go over.

Those trails were for beginners, other ones were "intermediate," like "Point of No Return" and "Poleax." "Point of No Return" was the hardest trail to go through. It went through thick forests with wide trees and big boulders. Poleax was fun and easy (for an intermediate trail). It was about a mile down a small narrow trail that had about five feet out on your right and about four feet out on your left and a lot of little one foot wide streams that went across the path. At the end of the path it came to a stop at a river. There was a log across the river. My dad went first with his bike and then Megal went. My mom and little sister were about 100 feet away. When they caught up to us, I was going to be next to go across the river. My mom told my dad that she didn't want my sister to go across the river, so my dad came back but Megal went on. We found a new path to take that was real close. We had to go through really tall grass and over a railroad bridge.

Then we got on a trail that was called "MacDonald Way." It was a road just like "Black Run Road," but this one went by the train tracks. We were really tired so we stopped to eat some of those bike bars that are supposed to be good for you.

The last trail we went on was called "Spruce Road." It was sort of like a really steep driveway with curves. Then we got to the parking lot where our car was. We were really muddy so we went to the hotel that the parking lot belonged to and changed out clothes while my dad put the bikes on the car, then he went and changed.

Then we took that long four hour trip back home.

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