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Autumn 1997

James Brink is a corporate attorney residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who has been cycling for over twenty years. He is a member of the Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen and the Wheeling Area Bicycling Club. Jim's two children, Lauren and Eric, are also budding cyclists. Jim pedals a 1982 Trek 620 and a Trek 820 Mountain Bike.

Patrick Clendenon, 14 years old, met and rode in a tour alongside Greg Lemond at the age of 8. The same year, he rode across Central Ohio with his dad and uncles (Joyce brothers of TBEx repute). He rides his trusty BMX around the streets and parks of Oakland, California, which he calls home. Patrick wrote "Bike MATH" as a school assignment, but is was quickly nabbed by the editors at TBEx.

Josh Cook is 11 years old and lives in Wheeling, West Virginia. He rides a Gary Fisher bike, as does his parents and little sister, who often bike together along the Wheeling Heritage Trail or on other prime trails in the region.

Alan Ira Fleischmann, 43 years old, has been a serious cyclist since 1989, averaging 2500 miles each year. An accountant and freelance writer by profession, he has written books and articles relating to finance, science fiction, humor, and education. He rides a Trek 1420 road bike and a Fuji mountain bike. He has lived in Connecticut, New York, and Boston, but currently resides in Scott Depot, West Virginia, which he describes as "You're either goin uphill, or you've got a killer headwind!"

Rhona and Dave Fritsch are originally from Peters Township in Southwestern Pennsylvania, but have lived in Keyser, West Virginia since 1975. They are the parents of two children, daughter Kelly in Towson, Maryland and Peter, a senior at West Virginia University. They are hosting Kirsten Muller, an exchange student from Denmark through AFS for the 97-98 school year. Kirsten sampled American culture at the Midwest Tandem Rally in Columbus, Ohio on Labor Day 1997. Rhona is a special education teacher, Dave a special education Administrator. They have been bicycle touring together since 1989, primarily in group statewide tours. Other "big tours" have included a week long tour in the Colorado Rockies, the Canadian Rockies and most recently the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. Their most challenging climbs include Red Mountain Pass in Colorado and Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. They purchased their first tandem in 1992 and their second after their cross country tour in 1996. They are members of TOYS, (Tandems of York Society).

James Johansen has been a serious cyclist since 1992, averaging 3500 miles each year. By profession a multimedia specialist with a Fortune 500 company who currently is in the process of promoting a chain of web based cafes named WebTime_Cafe; he has been mountain bike racing for RidgeRider Bicycles in Fayetteville, West Virginia for the past 3 years. James is published in Dirt Rag mountain bike magazine, front cover (0ctober--Halloween--1995 issue) and in BMW Automobile of North America Club Magazine with articles relating to multimedia and bicycling. He also does web site design consulting in his spare time. He rides a Trek 2300 pro roadbike and races a Cannondale KillerV mountain bike. He has lived in Seattle,Washington, Virginia Beach,Virginia, Monterery,California, and Rockport, Maine. But call Lewisburg (WV) his home away from home. You can visit his WEBSITE or e-mail him at wabbit@mrpost.com.

Jim Joyce is the editor and founder of The Bicycle Exchange. His articles have appeared in the State College Centre Daily Times, the Penn State Daily Collegian, the Irish Edition, and All About Beer magazine; his letters have appeared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Magazine and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He's been meaning to upgrade from his old Falcon for years and he's getting closer and closer to buying a new bike--maybe. He is also a teacher and lives in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Jay T. McCamic is the president of the Wheeling Area Bicycle Club and editor of the club's newsletter. Jay is a lawyer by trade and rides a Burley Rock-N-Roll. He and his wife, Jimmie, head up a family of bicyclists. They//wvnvm.wvnet.edu/~oma00090

love tandem riding and Jay is on the lookout for tandem enthusiasts. Tandem lovers within striking distance of Wheeling should contact him at WABC, P.O. Box 2083, Wheeling, WV 26003.

Nathan McCamic is 13 years old and attends Linsly School in Wheeling, West Virginia. Says Nathan: "I play football and I like to ride bikes. I would like to ride my bike more but school keeps me busy." Nathan also lives in Wheeling and is the son of frequent contributor Jay T. McCamic.

George Schmidt, 48 years old, lives in Pittsburgh, PA and is a millwright at the Ashland Chemical Neville Island plant. He was President of the Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen bicycle club from 1990 to 1992 and helped promote the establishment of rail-trails in Western PA and bicycle commuting in Pittsburgh. George rides a new Mongoose touring road bike and a 15-year-old Schwinn ATB rigged for commuting and rail-trail cruising.

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