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By Jim Joyce, Editor

Posted 10/1/01 

We are still in shock, sadness, grief, and anger. In the past few weeks, we have seen the utter worst of humanity and the absolute best. We've seen the deadliest attack on innocent civilians ever on our own soil and we've seen unparalleled, selfless heroism of public firefighters and police. We've gotten back to work at whatever we do for a living but, no matter how many cars we sell, patients we treat, dishes we wash, bikes we repair, and, yes, articles we write, we can't seem to shake our thoughts of September 11.

We can't and we shouldn't.

But we need to get back to our regular routines, though with a renewed appreciation for the gift of life. And that includes the joy of our favorite hobby--bicycling. Though it was written well before September 11, Gianna Bellofatto's column in our current features, Joy Ride, is fitting for this moment. Be sure to read it.

Bicycling is always good for us, but it is especially good in times of stress and uncertainty. Rhythm, cadence, sweat, fitness, focus, peace--all with the aid of the two-wheeled machine. A clear head, a healthy body, a pure heart. 

So take your kid, spouse, friend, parent--or just yourself--out on the road, trail or track and ride, ride, ride as often as you can in celebration of life. 

(Related to these thoughts, the editor's experience at the September 17 Pirates vs. Mets ballgame--the first after the attack--is the subject of his recent letter the the editor in the Pittsburgh Catholic. To support the families of the victims of September 11, visit redcross.org.)  

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