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By Ed O'Keefe 

Blue-chip sports consultant reminds us how simple it is to maintain focus and stay on top.

"I need to try harder and focus better!"

"I need more practice!"

"I need to spend more time on the track or on the course!"

This is what I hear from most athletes trying to improve their performance in every sport.

It's not a bad theory if you aren't putting in the time on the road, in the gym, on the trail, or in the batting cages. But if you are, spending more time may actually hurt your game big time.

When you are relaxed and feeling good about your game and your ability, you perform better. In other words, when your emotion is one of confidence and certainty about your ability, the end result will be better. If you are over stressed, over anxious, angry, or too nervous, your end result will be much worse, and during these times, trying harder just makes you get more stressed, more anxious, and more frustrated. In turn, this tenses your muscles, makes you think too much, has you focus on what you are doing wrong, which just makes you do worse, and then the whole cycle starts again. This is how a person can start off doing really good, have one bad shot, then start focusing on what he did wrong. One will "try" to make it better by trying harder, rather than just letting things flow.

Here are Three Master Keys to Enter the Zone and create the Peak Performance more consistently:

They are:

1) Your Physiology

Your physiology is how you use your body. How you breathe. How you move. Whether you are moving fast or slow…

Where are your shoulders? Are they shrugged or are they back?

Where is your head? Is it up or down?

Your physiology is the fastest way to change your emotions and the structure of you focus! In other words, remember how you move when you are having an outstanding day, then walk, breathe, and move the same way. Your brain will fire off the same messages you had the day when you were unstoppable. Also, watch other riders and notice what the most confident ones are doing with their bodies, and how they move and breath. Then model what they are doing and notice how it feels.

2) Language, that is, Self Talk

The second way to master your focus is through your language, also known as your "self talk." What you say to yourself and how you say it will determine how you feel and where your brain focuses.

Use phrases like:

Never, ever, ever, tell your mind what it is that you don't want to happen. Never say, for example, "I don't want to wipe out on this turn" or "I don't want to finish behind him again" or "I don’t want to lose my lead again." Your brain will go right to that thought, because that is what you just programmed your mind to do.

Instead of using "don't," replace it with what you’d like to happen...

3) Visualization

The third way to master your focus is through the process of visualization. Now, this is where I begin to teach you "How to Maximize your Performance with less Effort!" This is probably the most effective way to program your mind and body before competition so that you respond without thinking and you compete naturally.

Key points: Visualize yourself performing perfectly, right before you go to bed at night. Whatever you think about before you go to sleep runs through your unconscious mind 16 times (now that's practice!). Also, visualize any skill that you are performing poorly and see yourself perform that skill perfectly over and over again. Olympic bobsledders will walk down the entire course a day or two before competition and then mentally rehearse their performances over and over again. Mental rehearsal is a must if you want your reflexes to be on auto-pilot.


By simply learning these three skills--the Three Master Keys--you can easily change how you perform.

Go ahead and try it for a day. You may not be perfect right away, but that’s okay.

Remember: One with the focus of a champion feels like a champion!

To sign up for a Ed O’Keefe’s Free Peak Performance Newsletter and a chance to win his audio-tape program "Focus Like A Champion", go to www.uramazing.com/contact.html or call 708-424-5074.

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