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Bikexchange updates have been suspended indefinitely so we will not accept any new submissions.
Past articles, columns and cartoons will remain posted permanently (please see message from editor).
Thank you for you interest and best of luck.  

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Hear Ye, Cycle Scribes! We would like to post your works on The Bicycle Exchange. Together, we can create a great source of information and entertainment for cyclists everywhere. All accepted works get a byline and all authors and artists are featured our "Contributor" section. Contributors receive payment for accepted works. Here's where your talent is needed...


We welcome articles on a wide variety of subjects tied to bicycling. Reprints from club newsletters are also welcome.

Let your creativity crank! Narratives, Poetry, and Fiction have a place right here. Manuscripts or story texts should not exceed 2,000 words; 1,000 or less preferred. Installments and continuing stories considered.

We will also consider artwork for our features section. It must be related to bicycling.

Payment for accepted works is $20 per feature and $25 for articles that include photo(s). Payment for previously published works is $15.

What do you think? If you'd like to spin an idea past us or would like us to submit a feature, e-mail us at ibike@bikexchange.com or send a manuscript to The Bicycle Exchange, 186 Bryson Avenue, Emsworth (Pittsburgh), PA 15202. We reserve the right to edit or reject any submission.


We welcome your cartoons! They must have a cycling theme and be fit for print. E-mail us or send a sketch for review. Payment for accepted cartoons is $20 ($15 for previously published 'toons).

Ride Reviews

Send us your impressions of any organized ride or tour--small or large, nonprofit or commercial. What were your personal high points? In good cycling spirit, constructive criticism is welcome; nastiness is not. Preferred length 300 to 1,000 words. Long pieces may also be posted in the Features section. We'll check out your photos if you send a few along. Payment for Ride Reviews are $20 per review, $25 if your photo(s) is used.

Kids Only!

Is your child a budding Hemingway or Picasso? Or just a young Greg Lemond looking for alternative ways to express the love of cycling? Kids 12 and under can send in their drawings and stories for posting on our site. We will showcase a gallery of drawings and will list the title, name, age, and town of each young artist.

Our very own "Professor Peter Pedal" will discuss fun facts related to the science of bicyling. In words that a youngster can understand, he will explain the mechanics of the bike and the biker. He'll also select and answer questions that have been sent to him via The Bicycle Exchange.

Other Possibilities

Have an idea for a feature, department, column, etc? We welcome your ideas. Query us via email, fax or US Mail (see below).

How to Submit to TBEx

E-mail and printed (or neatly handwritten) US Mail submissions accepted. We reserve the right to edit or reject any submissions.

Graphics are best e-mailed and they should be in PC-compatible GIF or JPEG files.

Childrens' artwork should be sent via e-mail or US Mail on 8.5X11-inch paper. Previously scanned, emailed submissions also welcome and appreciated.

Send to:

e-mail        ibike@bikexchange.com (all submissions welcome in this mode)

US Mail     Manuscripts (and photos that accompany them), questions for Ask the Mechanic
                   and  Professor Peter Pedal, Cartoons, Artwork, Classifieds,
                   business correspondence...

                 The Bicycle Exchange, 186 Bryson Avenue, Emsworth (Pittsburgh), PA

Manuscripts will not be returned so please make a copy. Artwork on paper and photos will be returned only if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Please give background information for each photo on a paper slip taped to its back.

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