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Follow this link to our new, fully automated classifieds (launched 7/27/03). 
Our old classified pages will remain onsite in order to forward visitors to the new classifieds. This form below is no longer being used. Thank you for your visits--they are definitely appreciated.

Check, money order, or debit/charge via PayPal (button below) accepted. Print form and mail to The Bicycle Exchange Classifieds, 186 Bryson Avenue, (Emsworth) Pittsburgh, PA 15202. Feel free to copy and distribute this form. Individuals may renew ads for free. Individuals' ads run 6 months, business ads run 2 months. Individuals, we ask that you send us a $15 check or money order if your item is SOLD (applies only to items priced at over $100). Your help will keep this site running. Look over our Ad Rates if you haven't already.

ALERT: Beware of so called buyers from "Nigeria." Three sellers have been duped with genuine-appearing, phony checks apparently from Nigerians. If you have had any dealings like this, please use the following phone number to contact the Secret Service office that is investigating this string of frauds: 202-406-5572. Anyone foolish enough to consider perpetrating such criminal behavior should know that authorities in both countries are deeply involved in investigating these cases, and justice will be served.  

Lines marked ( * ) must be completed.

* Name (first and last): ___________________________________________________________________

Business (dealer/tour operator): ________________________________________________

* Address: __________________________________________________________________

* City: _____________________________________ * State or Province: _____ Zip:___________

* Country: ____________________________________________

Day Phone: _______________________ Evening  phone:___________________________

Email: ______________________________ Fax ________________________________

Is this ad a renewal? Yes _______  No ______

* Check ad category: ___ Road Bikes/Frames             ___ Components/Gruppos

                              ___ Mountain Bikes/Frames       ___ Training Equipment

                              ___ Tandems                             ___ Miscellaneous

                              ___ Specialty Bikes                    ___ Wanted

                              ___ Classic & Antique Bikes/Parts

                             ___  Carriers, Racks & Trailers   ___ Wheels             

Your Classified Ad (Up to 60 words: Individuals contribute $15 only if item is sold; Dealers and tour operators pay $25; 25 cents for each additional word; ads run 60 days):  

(You can place up to 5 bullets--dots indicating items in a list--in your ad. Make sure you set up your ad just as you would like it to appear. No ads in all capital letters.)








Total your ad cost below.

Thank you for doing business with The Bicycle Exchange!

60 Word Ad cost                                    $___________(Individuals post ads for free, pay $15                                                                                         only if item is sold)

Additional words cost:                             $___________

Payment:                                                 $___________

Check # ______

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