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Bike Nashbar Review

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Bike Nashbar is bankrupt

Nashbar is a bike company that is known to offer very cheap bikes, accessories and other stuff. The company has a thriving website and stores in numerous places in the U.S.; in fact, there is no sales tax for customers who have no store in their city or state. Nashbar is serious about providing quality services to its consumers and that’s why they refund or replace their products just in case you are not satisfied.

Nashbar has a forever guarantee that promises to provide the cheapest products in the market. This means that the company will match or reduce their price if you find a similar product (model) that is cheaper than the one you bought; this is only applicable 30 days after your purchase.

About Bike Nashbar

History of Bike NashbarNashbar LLP was founded by advertising man Arni Nashbar in 1974. Ten years later, this bicycle parts mail order company turned out to be immensely successful, grossing six million plus.

In the late 80’s, Nashbar had opened five branches—in Washington, Boston, Detroit and two in Ohio. These stores offered repair, service and discount services. Nashbar went on to sponsor the U.S Postal Cycling Team in the late 90’s.

Nashbar went on to expand into an international brand. The company offers unbelievable discounts and it comes as no surprise that its main clientele are serious MTBers, touring and racers who can easily hit an average expenditure of 50-70 dollars per order.

Nashbar was presumably purchased by Performance back in 2000. Performance is currently controlled by Northcastle Partners.

According to Quantcast statistics, this company’s website is mostly visited by male, educated, somewhat wealthy people. In a month, it reaches 154,000 unique customers. The stats say that most of the site’s visitors are folks from overseas, of Caucasian origin and from the 60-100K income bracket.

In 2018, ASE files for chapter 11.


nashbar road bike
Nashbar Touring Bike. The bike to meet your needs.

Nashbar aims to capture a large number of cycling enthusiasts and that’s why they produce different bikes to match with the preferences of different people. The bike company has plenty of models which include: mountain bikes, single speed & fixed gear bikes, road bikes as well as hybrid, commuter & cruiser bikes. The variety doesn’t end there; Nashbar also offers trendy clothing and accessories to match with the bikes.

See the Nashbar products on


To hit the road, your new Nashbar bike will require some final touches and that’s where assembly comes in. It is cheaper to do the assembly yourself with the help of this assembly tutorial from Nashbar.

However, if you’re afraid of making a mess of the bike, it is safer to visit your local bike shop to receive the assembly service from a trained mechanic. Alternatively, you can opt to order a completely assembled Nashbar bike from Amazon.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews about Bike NashbarGoing by the reactions on the internet, Nashbar is performing well in the market. Nashbar has committed itself to provide the cheapest bikes and accessories in the market, they also boast of a great return policy. Below are some comments from customers.

Hazben1 had this to say about the Nashbar CR-5

“I have a CR-5 and I love the bike. I think I wrote the only review Nashbar has on the bike. My previous bike a Nashbar CR-2 was a 58cm and it was a little too big. The sizing on these bikes seems to be off just a little I ordered the 55cm and after I replaced the stem with a slightly longer one it fit me great. I am 6′ with long arms. It certainly handles better than my old bike. But, it may be partially due to it being a smaller size.

The frame is also stiffer than my old bike. It came with a 50 tooth big ring which, I am not crazy about. I may trade it out for a 52 just because that is what I am used to. The seat for my butt was horrid. I already had my preferred seat on hand. Eventually, I will trade the wheelset out for a nicer set. The clearance for the tires was 35mm at the narrowest spot (chainstay). So I think if you wanted to run 28mm tires you should be fine. Many frames even have trouble accommodating a 25mm tires. “

Sojadave said this about the Nashbar CR-2,

“One thing I have noticed with Nashbar bikes is some groups of cyclists with branded bikes seem to turn their noses up at Nashbar bikes. One of the reasons I went with a Nashbar bike was after about 20,000+ miles on my CR-2 my frame developed a crack around the BB. Not sure why. Nashbar replaced the ENTIRE bike no questions asked. Try that with the other name brand bikes. Word of caution when I ordered my CR-2 the bike chainstays were not glued straight. It was replaced no questions asked.

I would suggest if you don’t have a real keen eye when it comes to bikes after assembly take it to a LBS to fine tune it and make sure all looks well. Cost maybe $50. I paid $1,327.48 including shipping. If I remember correctly at the time they were running a 25% off any single item promotion.”

Nashbar mountain bikes

Nashbar Mountain BikesNashbar offers its mountain bikes in different styles. These bikes are manufactured to help you deal with all trails and terrains, from downhill monsters to lightweight single-track rockets. If you’re going to be coming across serious obstacles then you should probably consider the 29er.

At only $319.99, you can get the Nashbar 29″ Disc Mountain Bike. It offers durability, strength and light weight thanks to its TIG-welded, aluminum frame. It is an all-round performer, this is thanks to its alloy 29er wheels with WTB Nano 29×2.1″ tires.

Nashbar road bikes


Nashbar Bicycle Review
Nashbar Carbon 105

You can do all manner of things on your Nashbar road bike. The company produces these bikes to suit purposes like performance, speed and comfort. They are suitable for commuting, racing and just riding for fun.

The Nashbar 27.5″ Disc Mountain Bike is one of the cool bikes offered by Nashbar. It is sold at $349.99 and it comes with features like a TIG-welded aluminum frame and Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes.


Where to shop for Nashbar bikes?

Amazon has a small selection of Nashbar bikes available. BikeNashbar and are closing down, so not suggested. See the selection on Amazon. You can also see Nashbar products on

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